How to Beat The Caro-Kann in 10 moves! | OTB Chess analysis #Chess

Beating The Caro-Kann in 10 moves! + A swindle | OTB Chess analysis

In this video I analyze my round 6 and 7 games against a 1500 and a 1100 respectively. I managed to win my game against the 1500 easily due to a simple opening trick against the Caro-Kann , the 1100 was very underrated though and I only won because they overlooked my knight and hung their rook. If you liked this video make sure to like and subscribe and check my other OTB games here:



  1. Dude slow down. Your building is not on fire.

  2. I crushed mu balls with a rock bc I didn’t want to pee anymore but now it’s red what do I do ????

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