How to Get PREMIUM Analysis for FREE | Hercules Chess Game Review

In this video, we talk about how to analyze your games for free without a premium membership.

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  1. seems like the game review feature does not exist anymore, how unfortunate.

  2. I can't find the game review section on the site. Where is it?

  3. In my page there is no game review tab what do i do

  4. is it open source ? if yes I wonna contribute.

  5. They stopped the game review feature!! Don't waste ur time on this website fellow players

  6. Hi, i dont know why, but i cant see game reviews button . was it removed, is it bugged?

  7. The games in queue /etc all show 0 for me now. Anybody else?

  8. Honestly this is really good. I'm sure others are also looking for free game reviews that don't have a disgusting graphics and actually tells you more than just blunders! I definitely recommend.

  9. How long does it take to load my games? They tell me that I have 730230 games in queue

  10. It doesn't show my games and just says "No data available in table".

  11. it says it takes up to 48 hours to analyze games ;-; thats a lot ngl

  12. How much time will it take to import 70000 games?

  13. This doesnt work for me. Website doesnt show my games

  14. It shows game imported games 42 but
    Shows no data in the table
    How can i analyze my game ..

  15. Good website, But when I went one the site their were many ads at the bottom on the screen. Is their anyway that I can prevent those ads?

  16. Good idea but where are the great and brilliant moves?

  17. This is a scam. Its over a month and my games havent been imported

  18. de casualidad no tendras una base igual de bueno que esto?

  19. hopefully it's not going to steal my data 🙂

  20. Wow this is great! Are you accepting donations to help your site and channel?

  21. Bro how long it takes to important my games data in the site

  22. please make so we can play against real players

  23. pliz update the engine anlysis stockfish 14 to 15.1

  24. fr this is one of the most underrated chess website ever.

  25. Bro, it's not importing any of my games please help😢😢😢

  26. It can't import my games. I played a game on lichess and it doesn't import the game. Please need help to solve this problem, i wanna use so badly because it's a great site.

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