How To Learn & Study Chess Openings

In this video, we talk about chess openings and how to study them. I discuss chess openings for beginners, theory – Sicilian, Caro Kann, Vienna, Kings Gambit, and London Opening vs Kings Indian. I show you openings databases and discuss various platforms and teach you to analyze games.

0:00 Introduction

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  1. As a newb this feels like it's so far ahead but it makes sense to study non conventional ways. I have trouble concentrating on few moves ahead, aware only of few principles and there are 35 common and over 100 in general. How far this game has come with strategies is mind blowing.

  2. hello, I have been playing chess since I was young in the early 90s. I got pretty good and beat my dad and his military friends. I then left game after learning all i could from chestmaster on windows ME lol. I have bought many chess boards and display all over the house for friends to see but haven't really played competively in years. Stumbled onto you channel will watching MTG videos since I am heavy MTG player since I stopped playing chess and it sparked me back into Chess. Thank you your funny and I like how explain moves but also say if this or that happens then you start playing chess lol. I hope to get back to a 1300 player and then some with your info. Great job please keep it up.

  3. Ok so what i understood is that im supposed to look up databases although they can mean something but can also mean nothing?

  4. I am struggling to improve at chess, and your videos are incredible. Keep up the great work.

  5. Duly noted, don’t walk through fire

  6. where is this databases available !!???

  7. welcome to my channel it is made for fun playing says:

    My only last question is how do I win sense I can't stop someone's threat that mate's me ?

  8. Interesting 🤔 wonder what my opening is

  9. See if you study Magnus, specifically… Like Hans has, he has a wealth of data (historic Magnus Games) that one could easily figure a few lines that Magnus may not have seen in prep. I think that Hans is the future of chess, and Magnus gave up his throne by throwing a baby fit and walking out on games after getting beat. He lost in real life chess to Hans, pretty amazing.

  10. That’s a nice number 😏 that is a niiice number 😂

  11. Okay so what I learned here was that even though an opening or move might not technically be the *best*, if it's unexpected it could end up throwing your opponent off and getting them into a position they haven't seen much before.

  12. Too advanced for beginners. I don't even know what a gambit is. I'm looking for a good book or video that covers the basics.

  13. “After the game, not before”

    – laughs in Niemann…😂

  14. i love how at the start i do the 2 moves that he does but still loses XD

  15. The super duper continental missile Alvin counter gambit, death variation 😊

  16. maybe I'm the biggest dumb coz i didn't get a single thing

  17. When do you use a computer vs a database?

  18. i dont understand any single thing this guy is saying just sharing

  19. Thank you very much for this tutorial I've been trying to learn and unfortunately looking at the move database I had no idea what the white/grey/black bar meant till now

  20. 69.0%: "That is a ni-…that is a NICE percentage."

  21. 8:10 I actually accidentally discovered that by myself without even really trying that hard😂😂

  22. I played chess on a mobile – predated to smartphone to decide if I was overworked…. Won every time when I had enough sleep but lost when I did some shifts over on max on this phone – just to determine when to get some sleep.

  23. As an advanced player, watching Mr beast play against Hikaru was quite hilarious.

  24. I play Kings Gambit as white, Sicilian against KP opening, Queens indian against QP openings. If you learn those opening well, you force your opponent onto your best game…

  25. Caro kann defense
    Budapest gambit

    Dutch defense

  26. I'm 1200 and play scotch only (maybe 250 games as white). I've only faced the queen out thing once too. I also blundered.

  27. I’m trying to learn an opening so should I learn the Vienna or caro kann

  28. 11:34 Hol' up… I would think, scanning a player's history or even looking up openings in a database, – during a game – is cheating. Am I wrong?

  29. i am super lucky that he exists

  30. You don't look like a real person. You look like some one that is completely CGI
    . Lol.

  31. gothamchess I respectedly request you that please make a video on Reti opening

  32. I don’t understand when he just starts rushing the openings

  33. Yeah i see why chess isnt popular theres no real way to play it i mean u can sure qs fuck lose and feel stupid but i good game is fun

  34. moves pawn to anywhere after white moves
    Good chess players: "I see, the Ammonia opening into the Bleach defense. This will create an unpredictable gas of attacks, like ammonia and bleach."

  35. “Only played 2 times it’s probably not the best move,” the 2 slept on masters with their move’s 100% win rate: 🤨

  36. Where can we find the openings course he mentioned? The one that covers white options on e4 against typical black responses aside from e5?

  37. Oh, my…. you are realy the light in the darkness. So clean and straight to the point.

  38. Noobs, you are lucky that GothamChess exists.

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