How To Play Against Hans Niemann #chess #shorts

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Kramnik video by @ChessBaseIndiachannel
Music by Massobeats
Sneaky Snitch by Kevin MacLeod
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unreported — CC BY 3.0


  1. NYC 3 ni moto nilikuwa nadhani tourist ndo itahit alafu victim of madness Iko karibu 20 million streams on boomplay alone INSANE

  2. Fabi pretty much against anyone 😀 2800 incoming let's goo!

  3. 2650 in the beginning, 3500 in the middle game and back to 2650 for the endgame.

  4. For those that miss the sub-text here, Fabi is essentially saying that in his classical games Hans has been weakest in the areas of the game where engine assistance would be most noticeable and strongest at the point in the game where it is more or less no longer possible for engine moves to be transmitted in a timely enough manner to be useful. If you think this is a veiled accusation then you know absolutely nothing about the game.

  5. Maybe he switches from opening prep, to beads, to winging it in time trouble.

  6. so what fabi is saying is that Niemann sucks at the end game.

  7. Fabi is always so interesting and this even more than average.

  8. Then he gets pissed and cheats against Carlsen after that.

  9. maybe buttplug has some defects middlegame.

  10. Opponent realizes hes in trouble. He decides to pressure you on the clock to avoid time pressure+bad position. You notice the advantage slip, so you play faster. He tries to recover again but it's not gonna happen twice in one game.

  11. chess gets simpler the less pieces on the board, also gets deterministic no matter the level of the players, really strange

  12. This is how Fischer use to lose his games ….at least until 1968.

  13. So what ur basically saying is that u heard a buzzing noise emitting from from his chair every time u had an advantage

  14. That sounds like every game at the top level. I love his honesty. He credits his opponent for finding drawing chances but doesn't pat himself on the back for winning. Fabiano knows that there are no brilliant moves in chess, only mathematically correct ones and bad ones. If you find the correct move it isn't a showcase of brilliance, it's your job.

  15. Fabiano reminds me of the dude from the Wes Anderson films

  16. Oh oh ça c'est vraiment troublant… Borislav Ivanov syndrome !

  17. At endgame the damn thing just won't stop vibrating, just look at the photo

  18. So basically skill issue on skill issue till massive skill issue and Fabby wins.

  19. The beads' battery doesn't last that long and he has to wing it in the end game…

  20. What did Fabi expect ? Beads run on battery's not solar energy!

  21. the engine is hard to use when you are in time trouble

  22. It's obvious, in a prolonged match that goes to endgame, the bead's battery is probably out of juice. Stockfish requires processing power which drains your charge rapidly. That's the subtle message Fabiano is sending.

  23. Basically he indirectly he hints at cheating

  24. Hans needs to plug charger in his ass to increase that bead's battery time

  25. Thats called falling for traps over and over again 😂

    Or just being cheated on

  26. Check out his games against Daniya, the pattern were almost always like that too.. he played best in middlegame after losing position, sometimes untill endgame if there's no time pressure.

  27. No matter how you put it. If you did cheat in online games and you admitted that you did cheat (he confessed himself), people will always look at you with suspicion. Thats why dont cheat, it will ruin your life forever, even if you may (or may not) cheat again.

  28. I'm sorry, but I cant trust Niemann. I really love many GMs, and I truely believe they dont cheat, but for Hans, there is just too much evidence.

  29. How to politely say, "He cheats" in 32 seconds.

  30. people love to clown Hans but honestly what I am hearing here is one of the best chess players of this generation basically saying "yeah the kid is solid in the opening and a really great middlegame player, but he needs to work on his endgames"

  31. Chess speaks, oh wait, we already had that comment 😅

  32. Fabi there's no need to talk about it as chess speaks for itself !

  33. By the end of the game his beads just vibrate too vioently (because of time trouble) so he nuts, and in post nut clarity remembers that "chess is for nerds", loses focus and subsequently the game

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