How To Strike In The Center: Chess Master Analysis

In real estate, it’s location, location, location. In chess, it’s center, center, center! NM James Canty shows you how to strike in the center with an exciting chess battle!

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  1. That was an insane game. Started off instructional, ended up confusing and fun. Good stuff James.

  2. It's new last millennial creates new chess board for international students n players which on kingdom times forget format not doctor but also called….. Cooker and meditation monks called as… 🛥️🛸⛩️🏨 On this 4 new. Steps but numbers not work out on day n years because didn't give exactly truth of alphabet beta even just go like that can be but under any new regulations on standards language

  3. I'm a chessdotcom member, you can find all my games under MarkCesare. Did some blundering with some being disteacted at times but play very good chess usually.

    Oic, pinned in this chat. Just have to sync devices. Great lessons. Thanks.

    Pps. Done! I added 8 good games for ya.

  4. Glad it made it there. @jamescanty thankyou for the analysis. These days i try to keep the bishops happy on the diagonals. And trying not to hang pieces

  5. While watching here I realized I blundered by moving Qa5 saving the Q….because Rd6#

  6. This awesome game has helped with my focus and memory, try it out

  7. I'm loving these videos. Great analysis with some fundamentals mixed in. Keep them coming James! I'll be sure to submit some of my games.

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