How to use Chess Engine Analysis to help you improve

In this video, we learn a bit about how to use chess engine analysis to help you improve.

When the analysis shows you that you have blundered or made a mistake and gives you the ‘?’ or ‘??’ sign…you can actually look at the given lines and see what went wrong or what could have gone better.

If your move blundered something, the chess engine will show the line that wins stuff for your opponent. If you missed a better move, look at the alternative better move and find out why it’s better! Usually, the line will just show you. If you don’t understand it, try to take time to understand the difference. That is how you improve in chess!

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  1. Thanks for the video. This seems like a case of Dunning–Kruger effect: the most active advisors are people who don’t have a clue what they are talking about. Beginners systematically overestimate their ability.

  2. Please make more videos dealing with using computer tools and analysis. Thank you

  3. lol .An old great classic movie .GZ.
    Btw. Viewers must look at , cos u don't tell , Be3_f4 was the last move.
    Just play like Morphy , guys , if u don't understand about chess .Don't play same piece twice in the openings .
    If u want adventure , go play adventure genre video games , unless u rnt Dubov , Carlsen , So etc .

  4. Most beginners level players don't try to go through the lines mentioned by the computer. But after going through this video all beginner & intermediate level players will definitely study the lines mentioned by the computer. Atleast i will 😉

  5. Yeah, computer analysis also convinced me to not sweat the small stuff and focus on what really matters, blundering your bishop to a 3 move tactic.

    This video is a good example of how to actually think about chess, all these positional ideas people wax and wane about don't really matter, what mattered is that D4 opens a line that allows for a bishop check that allows you to unpin your queen and skewer their queen to their king (if they try to use thier pin to win material).

    Chess is a very concrete tactical game and every freaking game I analyze witht the computer the computer goes "irrelevant irrelevant ireelevent ?? (blundered your rook to this tactic gg)" maybe if I ever get above 2k this will change, but I got to 1700 lichess by moving pieces aimlessly and spotting tactics.

  6. At the start of video i wanted to mention that the lines showed are simply unreadable, too dense, too small, unreadable pieces symbols instead of the RNBQK letters and the thing that distracts me: when you start to follow the line step by step…. the line changes to 'another level of a line' 🙂

  7. I believe that the problem isn't isolated to online chess… Many people that have grown up on the internet believe all of the answers are to be found online… In this case it was actually provided by the engine… It just took a little time and work for it to be useful to them… But instead they think they can get a quick fix via an online group… As you say, it's "The blind leading the blind"
    Great work Ingvar 👊🏻

  8. Since I grew up without engines where the best way to analyze a position was to take it to chess club and get other people to help, coming back to chess recently I've been absolutely astounded by how much easier it is now to look at the engine lines and have it tell why moves are bad.

    I've even put in lines from since of my old books and seen where the author have certain moves a !! but the engine says they are mistakes.

  9. "Try to understand it yourself" should be the main title. Great advice.

  10. Yeah, internet advice to not listen to internet advice 🙂
    Of course you are right Ingvar, very valuable lesson as always, thank you.

  11. As a beginner who does follow the engine lines to see why something is good or bad, I usually stop there: "I didn't see the tactic, maybe next time I will see it." But going further and trying to understand the situation better and identifying the underlying problem and then finding good alternative moves other than that best tactical move is something I never do.

    I will try this next time I analyze my game but I am not sure a beginner is going to be able to figure out that the Queen being pinned is the underlying problem that allows this tactic to work. Do you have any advice for going beyond the engine telling you the best line and the blunder line? I worry that even if we know to ask ourselves "What problem in this position is being exploited for this tactic to exist?" that we may find the wrong answer.

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