How to use Lichess for the Analysis of Chess Games in 2022 (with Stockfish, Database and Openings!)

How to analyze chess games with Lichess? It is easy and free, and in this video I explain it to you. The chess platform Lichess has a lot of powerful tools like the chess engine Stockfish (a free chess program) and also a huge game database plus opening books and trees. You can analyse your own games or any other, for instance grandmaster games or simply from chess books and the best internet sources. How to use chess engines? How to work with Stockfish? All these questions and more I will answer for you here. I will show you: How to analyze your chess games with a computer program (often called “Chess Engine”) in order to learn from your mistakes! Important: Chess Engines can Help Improve Your Game! And the Lichess Databases are almost as good as Chessbase and others. This is a very good way to improve at chess!
Video topic: how to use stockfish – how to use lichess for game analysis etc.
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  1. Using the tools you just described I find it also gives a good commentary about the openings when they come up. How very good.

  2. Thank you very much for this. I will use Lichess more now. A very good site. I knew of it but did not know the strength of the tools. Vielen Dank.

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