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In this video IM Daniel Rensch explains how to get the most utility out of the analysis tools on There are many options when it comes to analyzing your chess games including the depth of the analysis, the chess engine performing the analysis, and changing the move analysis options.

Head over to and give these tools a try!

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  1. Are these features all accessible from the app?

  2. Do you have a feature that allows you to flip the chessboard over and start screaming while flailing your arms?

  3. What is the use of the gauge thingy on the left side of the board that keeps going up and down?

  4. how do i do the orange lines in live chess so i can try and predict?

  5. so maybe I'm just a dunce but when the analysis board tells me a move was not so good, I want to know why it wasn't so good, so I'd like to see the resulting line that my opponent would use to punish me for the bad move. I can see that a couple lines appear below in notation, and if i hover over the moves they appear on a little mini pop up board, but I really want to see them on the full size board. Is this just somewhere really obvious and I'm not seeing how to get to it?

  6. I still don't understand the difference between the engines and which to use or even how to fully use this tool…

  7. chess com administration are abunch freaks i never saw the list off cheaters and 8o percent cheat so FUCK OFF SCUMS

  8. Most of us went to your video to learn something new to us. I wanted to learn step by step what to do with analysis after I finished a game. Title says how to use tools not TOOL. What about the report, moments, and details features? What does the magnifying glass do? I see it takes me to moves I didn't play so is this a "what if" feature where the computer plays the game out to the end using a different move based on especially a "missed win" move? You guys need to explain the rudimentary step by step how to stuff better. Thanks.

  9. can i use this even if i'm a free player?

    i keep on seeing daily limit reached but i only did 1

    so daily limit is 1 report?

  10. What do the negative and positive numbers mean? Is negative or positive good or bad?

  11. What does the bar, on the left of the board, measuring? (I would think that when the white line is bigger (and with a positive number) it means I made a good move. But it doesn't seem like this at all when I rewatch my games.)

  12. I lose my queen easy, how do I resign, help. I sit and let the clock run out. Beginner here

  13. I don't know the function of most of the controls and options. I know nothing, and pushing things at random to see what happens seems to be my only option for learning. Teaching us how to improve our chess is a great thing, but first teach us how to use your program. An instructional video on the home page seems like a no-brainer.

  14. As a beginner I'm sorry but this wasn't much help. What are the numbers associated with positions ? What is that mysterious graphics curve / how can you see the lines that tell you why you blundered.
    What different engines are available is hardly of any use before the meaning of the results is analyzed.

  15. Should be called "How to Use The M-A-X Analysis Tool".
    Useless for beginners looking to understand the tool.

  16. I don't even know what ?! or missed win means. I mean I couldn't win the game with a move but maybe the advantage??? I don't understand what they are trying to teach me.

  17. Excellent presentation of 'how' but little 'what'. E.g., 1/what do the numbers mean — I've been trying to find this under Help for two weeks 2/what distinguishes an inaccuracy from a mistake from a blunder, and are these distinguished by the numbers 3/what relationships lie between report and analysis data. Some didactic advice: as we say in radio ASSuME NOTHING and never use the words Obviously or Of Course. You mention that while talking about kimodo analysis or whatever it is. Thanks!

  18. Welcome to! Poker Training & More. says:

    who cares about this crap? what about mistakes and blunders?

  19. I was going to ask how to jump to my next mistake or blunder, but I can see them colored now in the move history, and you can click them, like mistakes are brown/orange. I like how it suggests lessons and puzzles based on your game. I had no idea this stuff was here when I first started playing.

  20. The lichess user interface for analysis is more intuitive, it provides arrows on the board for the lines.

  21. Want to play with scumbags who NEVER LOST A GAME. Yes, we know they are cheating, wonder "why @t doing nothing about it?"
    @t do not give a fk about players who NEVER LOST A GAME. You can report them but they keep on cheating.
    Ask yourself, DO YOU WANT TO PLAY chess ON @t?

  22. The analysis engine is very interesting and adds interest and understanding to each game I play.

  23. Hi, how do you access your game archive against the chess bots?

  24. can anyone say what the white bar on the left of the board is – thanks.

  25. How about some instruction on how to use the Analysis Tool 'from scratch'? (i.e. What is it? What does it all mean? etc.?)

  26. Hey hi nice one,, can you please tell me do we need internet while running chess engine or will analysing move? Do internet has anything to do with it.. please let me know

  27. is there a way to see what the line of a missed win? The computer will say I have a missed win and I can't find it? This happens often. Thanks!

  28. Just cheating money , lichess doesn't charge for analysis

  29. Demetrius Demarcus Bartholomew James III Jr. says:

    Regards from Bangladesh

  30. Don't bother with this app I found out when you're winning the cheats have a way of freezing the game so they win, Tel you what you're cheating yourself cause you can't take defeat like a true professional.

  31. Thank God for this video, honestly I was sooo confused

  32. I came on here to learn how to use the Analysis tool DURING a game (for the Daily game types). It is there so you've put it there for a reason,. As you try out moves and analyse them, you get the codes on the right, some are in brackets, some aren't and that's where I get confused because as I try stuff out during a game, those nested brackets are hard to go back and refer to. In other words, if I felt that a previous idea was better, but can't remember it, it's hard to find.

  33. Can you guys do a video for analysis beginners- like what do all the numbers mean, the negative and positive (that's what I'm trying to figure out)? You can see he has 3 numbers that are highlighted in white, what do they mean? I watch them change with my moves but I don't know what it means.

  34. I don't doubt that your AI is way smarter to the game than myself, but after a game in analysis it considers sometimes my best possible or even high ground given moves as mistake and put the blunder mark on some moves where instead running after a free pawn (and get my figure out with from key position) I go for position thinking ahead. Also I'm getting kinda bored climb for my points. I've got to 1400 and from here on I have interesting games cuz opponents require attention to beat em (still I'm above that lvl… Even though if I stacked for a while below, the only reason is I really got bored of lower lvl opponents) but to get there was really boring. A constructive idea that give the opportunity for the player to "get to the deep water" challenge higher ranked players or just get insta higher position by winning against AI so earn points quicker. I truly believe that u would have more users if someone above 1800 don't have to play insanely lots of games against less experienced players. I'm not a genius or something, but I've got really bored to climb to 1300…
    Another little thing: happened once that my opponent is disconnected but below 60 sec (I played for winning by time I had over 6 min) and the algorithm judged it a draw. What is kinda fair if we don't count with the fact that loose connection takes two buttons to push, but even if we do so I have lost point. I'm not nervous about loosing points, I play chess before my morning coffee when I'm still rebooting lol but those cases (or when I just pay no attention) are well deserved, but loosing even 1 point by having an obvious high ground but get judged in my opinion unfairly is annoying. At least a 0 would be correct. I mean if I loose one point it feels like I'm lost even if in my opinion I stood better ( 5 min different in rapid is a lot) and even the AI gave a draw. Anyway that's cool u count in ELO, but after playing the game over 30 years now the climb seems to be an unnecessary, annoying and boring procedure and loosing any points after the disconnection of the opponent is the same. Great site anyway no doubt

  35. This sort of thing is helpful, but I agree with many comments that it would be helpful to also bring it down a notch for the newbies. It seems like it might be possible to learn openings using bots + analysis to see the best moves the options. Is this a reasonable idea?

  36. How do I get a game report for a game, that I do not have stored in my archives?

  37. still dont understand what the +0.23 +0.34 +1.32 -0.21 meaning??

  38. Horrible at explaining anything. Why not get someone who can do that? Very odd. He doesn’t seem to be able to put himself in the position of players or employees who DON’T KNOW THIS.

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