For my debut chess video I decided to analyze a chess game from the Game Grumps! I hope it is as fun to watch as it was to make.


  1. man, I just found this, and it was pretty entertainingalthough it would be nice if the video was in the description, so we can check it outedit: oh, okay, it's in the title of the next videos

  2. could you put the pgns in the description? Thanks!

  3. What a great idea for a video, I die of cringe when they play chess.

  4. super interesting analysis that isn’t way over my head

  5. i’m a very new chess player and was a fan of game grumps for a while so this was very fun to see, i’d love to see another analysis of one of their other games :^)

  6. Awesome video man, love hearing chess analysis from someone who's not a master that lives and breathes moves lol. Far more relatable for me at around 900-1000. Keep up the good work 🙏❤️

  7. watching dan I was wondering alot about his moves. He definitely has experience but also misses certain things? (atleast from what i can see). Then again, when I play someone much lower rated than me i make dumb moves for fun. Has Aaron fallen for a scholar mate yet?

  8. Ever since Dan mentioned wanting to know what chess masters thought of his games, I've been waiting for this to pop up on my recommended. Great breakdown, even as someone who doens't know jack shit about chess.

  9. Evnthough this is just an analysis video, it’s still hilarious to hear how Arin disregards strategy for ego. 🤣

  10. This was great, could you analyze some of the classic GameGrumps chess games (for example, battle chess)?♟

  11. This is awesome. Curious as to how the episode timer affects play as well. Dan's missed castle adds at least a couple minutes of runtime. Dan being the favorite this gives him an excuse for any sub-optimal moves.

  12. After watching this I realized that I might be better at chess then I thought. I try using the check status to steal as many other pieces as I can.

  13. This was super cool to watch! I'm a casual chess player ( maybe 10ish games a year) and a gumps fan so this video is like the sweet spot for me. Looking forward to more!

  14. The accuracy and number of best moves isn't a good metric, when you play a weaker opponent you will have higher accuracy and more best moves because their blunders will make it obvious what you should play next. Dan's pretty good but he's probably not 1300.

    It's pretty hard to guess though because under 1500 there is huge variance in what people are good and bad at, so like there will be 600 rated players with better strategy than 1000 rated players, but who make more blunders so will lose more games anyways.

  15. Incredible channel name!

    Plz someone send the grumps this video!

  16. Heh hehe, I like this. Mainly I agree with most as I understand. My playstyle is same as Arin's, sheer chaos and hoping for an opening, tactics was never my strongest skill. However in my loses, I did learn lures and traps. But as I am looking at the board around the tenth move, Dan is all placed for patient strike and a nice line defensive is made and Arin… Is all over the place and about to be cornered. LOL It just reminds me of my younger days.

  17. I started chess around a similar time, and the same experience with the grump chess vids. Good stuff man, I’d love to play you sometime

  18. This was so entertaining, I get caught up in the banter of game grumps and I don’t usually catch everything they do, but this was awesome to see a walkthrough of everything!

  19. Fun fact: Dan’s go to win is with a ladder mate

  20. I haven't played chess in probably over 10 years, and I still learned a few things.

  21. I'm willing to bet, that if you analized all of GG's chess videos, they MIGHT invite you for Guest Grumps.

    Whether you'll play with Dan or Arin that's a different story. Or maybe even narrate the game live XD

  22. You know man. Hope your channel makes it. Great freaking name. Hope you get the Game Grumps Bump.

  23. I think Dan was trying to make the game last longer for the show, so he didn't place the queen correctly

  24. "Ok so you see here, Dan setting up his fork, check, but then Arin's like 'F%$@ you, dude' "
    Yeah, sounds about right.

    Btw I WISH your commentary style would be in other chess channels' analysis videos.
    Definitely would make them better.

  25. “(…) Arin, he is the weaker player.”


  26. This is so neat to see! I’ve always wanted to watch something like this!! Thank you!

  27. Love this analysis video, but are we not going to acknowledge how despite Dan being pretty good at chess, he is prone to missing checkmates, like mate in 1 he missed on move 31. Should've just played Rb1. I was screaming it at the screen during the game, and a little sad you didn't mention it.

    My rating is about 1400-1600, so yea I see moves that Dan should be playing, and I lose my mind at Arin's moves. But one thing I've learned is to not always trust the accuracy of computer "best" and "excellent" moves. No matter what the computer says, I promise h3 was NOT an "excellent" move

    All in all; good video. I enjoyed it.

  28. Everyone say it with me now

    ChEsS iS a GaMe Of SkIiIiIiLlLlLl

  29. 7:14 Something I've noticed about Arin is that he seems to really overvalue his knights. In particular, during their 51 Clubhouse chess video Arin actually had to think about whether he should save his queen or his knight from a fork.

  30. just hearing you calmly say " Arin was in utter disarray" when you know exactly how much he was having a whole breakdown is another level of comedy. Good video

  31. love how matt struggles to call them "funny guys"

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