I Asked Thousands Of Players To Analyze The Same 3 Positions | Chess Quiz 6 Results!

1000 – 1500 Strategic Thinking Chess Course: ✅ Everything I wished I knew when I was rated 1000. If you’re stuck around the 1000 level and can’t seem to improve, this is the course for you. 40+ video lessons on all phases of the game! I compared how differently rated players think about the same positions! This is Quiz #6 in this series!

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♟Position 1:
♟Position 2:
♟Position 3:

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  1. the 25 moves mate was so easy for me,definitely saw that

  2. I really like general plans. This is an amazing option, additionally really well explained. Thumbs up!

  3. I didn't spot the mate in 17, but did spot the mate in 25! ……………………….LOL

  4. First position and the third positions are quite easy tbh, but it took me a while to calculate the 1. … Qh5+ 2. g4 sub-line in the second position. The problem is that after 2. … Qxg4+ 3. Kf1 there are no more good checks but fortunately white has rook on b7 so we can go 3. … Qe4 attacking the rook and, more importantly, the h1 square that we need to force perpetual. So then rook moves somewhere and we go 4. … Qh1+ 5. Ke2 Qh5+ 6. Kf1 and it's a draw and if white goes 6. Kd3 then it is the same mate 6. … Rfd8 7. Bd4 e4+ 8. Kxe4 Qf5#.

  5. The tactical ones are cool to see how people do by rating range, but the general plans are much more interesting, in my opinion.

  6. Great video series (just found and immediately subscribed). Some less clear cut, some more general positional/strategic positions would be awesome.

  7. It would take one overrated 1600 to miss the mate in one on the thumbnail.

  8. Hey Nelson, I just saw your series and I really enjoy it. Keep it up. On the third position I saw the bishop sacrifice and the mate threats. My rapid elo rating is 1200

  9. i just want tos say, it's nice to see how mature the comment section on this channel is. me, i almost piss myself everytime i hear he is about to analize the position XD

  10. In the first one, after gxf6 it's not even that the king is open, but Be4 winning the rook at a8.

  11. And in this setup, Stockfish said Mate in 67!

  12. I figured out the first problem almost immediately. If Black takes the Knight with the pawn, then White has Be4 with the skewer.

  13. The Bb1 idea in the third puzzle is what I was considering. It is one of my main attacking ideas when I play the Advance French. Another idea is to get the dark square Bishop to e3 to defend the d4 pawn. If Black takes it with the Knight, I take back with the F pawn. After I castle, my Rook is on a semi-open file.

  14. "The answer" (He's refering to Stockfish). Yeah, Stockfish is good but it isn't flawless, so it isn't "The answer". Just because normal humans cannot compete with the computational speed of machines doesn't mean that software/hardware is always right and people always wrong. Whatever hardware, software or with humans wetware once is using to arrive at an answer doesn't matter as much as if the answer is correct and useful to what you're trying to achieve.

    That look for the mate in 17 part was mean, I almost actually did that but I was curious if you were joking so I let the video continue, thank God I did, lol. I did actually have a vague idea of what the 17 to 25 move mate would be but not exactly move for move obviously. So, unfortunately, I don't think I'm qualified to give you lessons even if I could use the tutoring fees.

    Thanks again for the video!

  15. I just wonder why moving a knight when you opening a parallel for black queen right to the white king? Then black will support the line with whitefielded bishop and quick chessmate is there 1:00

  16. "Totally kidding. I know some chess players have a hard time with sarcasm." 🤣

  17. I definitely found the 6 move mate in puzzle 3 that didn't exist. Also, I still think it exists

  18. I actually paused and found that mate and then you said just kidding.

  19. for the mate in 2 rook to C-5 would also be mate right?

  20. 2:24 there is a move that stops both threats ( the queen attacking the bishop and the check mate ) and it's actually the best move. You still lose, but that's a different story.

  21. I'm really noob in ches but in the minute 2:17 black can go bishop F5 canceling the queen's attack, can't him?

  22. I liked the last option but the attack on kingside was a too visible. Ie. several positional options which are not so straighforward, I would like.

    Of course I did not see mate in 18, but strong enough attack to justify the bishop sacrifice.

    The last mate … can be done by Rc5 as a variant, I think.

    Overally, big THX!

  23. Meanwhile there‘s my clown ass thinking pawn C3 is a move on the first puzzle

  24. I took the quiz for this, when I clicked "view accuracy" what was supposed to happen?

  25. At 700, I found the best move in all 3 positions.

  26. i realy like the idea of et a list of options. May you learn to think in different ways.

  27. For those trying to find mate in 18, may god bless your soul

  28. Definitely love the strategic quizzes!!

  29. 1:51 i cant find why Qf3 doesnt work, dont we threaten Nxf6+ winning queen and if Nxe4, Bxe4 with skewer, or atleast why its not better

  30. Knight to F6, that’s what I would do. (First one)

  31. I say attack black kingside. That’s what I would do.

  32. Mate in 2.

    Depends on weather person moves king.

    Give person one (without king moving)

    Rock C1 to C5.
    Queen A8 to A5.

    Second one. (With person moving King)
    Rock C1 to C5.
    (Person moves King B6 to C7)
    Queen F8 to D8.

  33. I did see that checkmate in 3.

    Moving bishop back. Try it sometimes mate, but could stop it if using pawns.

  34. Fabulous as always. Thanks.

    On position 3 , Bb1 is to obvious (whether it matters if they see it or not), Bc2 gives the appearance that you want the A pawn , thereby harder to see. ?no?

    I had to combo the multiple choice into two, aiming at A pawn and attacking king side simultaneously. Is that wrong for some reason I'm unaware of or have you been playing with stockfish too much? (hehe)

  35. on the first positon (correct me if im wrong). If you went Bishop F6 wouldnt this just trade pieces instead of loosing material? The follow up would be bishop takes F6 then pawn to G6 forking the queen and the bishop?

  36. I love the idea behind position 3. The 25 move mate was way too easy tho, lol

  37. my brain in the second one was literally just

    "if you see check, give check"

    until i calculated further and ACTUALLY realized it was the best move

  38. I didn't learn chess but in position 3 I found something. I didn't find it to attack the kingside but I found that capturing that c6 knight to be an extremely bad idea (or blunder??). They need to be left there so they are congested, killing them would make path and let loose for interiors. Also better not move that queen at d2 as it controls (aims at) the landing zones of that knight, otherwise the knight flees (even at the cost of c8 rook) and let loose of the interiors again.
    To talk about attacking kingside the knight is the best guy as it jumps from further than one block. (trying smother checkmates) but in this case it can't. The landing zones of F3 knight is controlled by e7 bishop (which is the only piece aiming outside). That's why I didn't find it. In this case you may not want to take out the pawn walls. (They are needed in smothering)

    As with the pawn on A4 since it's blocked by whatever it can't do anything. Forget about it.

  39. I'm paused at 14:57… I won't edit anything… I'll type my entire thought process out… I'm 900-1000 rated.

    First of all, the dark-squared bishop and rook now have legal moves to get involved, but we can somewhat shut them down with 1.exf6. With the threat of both Qh7# and Qg7#, the only way to stop both of those is Rf7. We have the option to take the dark-squared bishop, but that will put the queen and rook on the same rank, which will cause unnecessary problems for white. So we need to attack the rook with Ng5. Taking on f6 results in Nxf7 Kxf7 Qh7+ Bg7 Bg6+, giving Black 3 different king moves: Kf6 Ke7 Kf8. Ke7 results in Qxg7+ Kd6 and now you want to forcefully remove that knight with Rxc6+ and no matter what piece it's taken with, it doesn't matter: Qd6 follows. If Kxc6 was played, Qd6 is not check. However, the king cannot run for long and Rc1 pushes the king to b6 or b5. Kb6 results in Qd6+ so Kb5 is better. You can either sacrifice your rook with Rc5+ Rxc5 Qxc5+ Ka6 Bd2+ b4 and I can't find a mate. So maybe Kxc6 is not the best move? If Rxc6 Rxc6 or Rxc6 Bxc6, I don't see a good continuation. So I give up

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