I beat a 2500 on chess.com 😳 #chess #chessgame


  1. Rip legend. I actually got the opportunity to meet him irl and he was actually quite a nice guy. But damn this guy was born a legend and died a legend. Even at the time of his death he was winning. Respect

  2. For those asking “the king can just go to the corner”, if the king goes to the corner, then the queen goes to the corner checkmate.

  3. You should underpromoted so you can be better game

  4. On the final position why can’t the king just go on f2?

  5. Sorry what was his proposal I'm not a big chess guy so I don't know what he was really trying to do

  6. Yesterday I beat a 2100 in rapid for the first time. I'm 1700.

  7. Lol ur 2300 how high are u if he was above 3K would have been an achievement

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