I coded a website to get Chess Game Reviews for FREE

How I coded a website to get Chess Game Reviews for free.
Analyse your games at
Source code at

Improve your Chess by analysing your games for your mistakes and brilliant moves. This project took way longer than I was expecting it to, and I’m really glad to finally have it finished. I learnt a massive amount while building this app and I hope you’ll find it useful!

if you have any issues with the app or want to let me know about a suggestion, you can join my discord at

Thanks 🙂


  1. i just checked it myself and it is fire keep up the good work man it deserves a sub👏👍

  2. I like the way you came up with this making it opensource. Thanks for your incredible contribution.

  3. bro u are amazing, ty so much for your project

  4. Lichess is for nerds. Better to use an third party game review software that nobody probably even knows about.

  5. just posting the link would be as useful. 🙂 Really appreciate your effort brother

  6. not only is this insanely useful, but also the design of the site is really nice. hoohoo funky font and button animations

  7. I tried on the website and it did not work bro

  8. Sick I gotta try this out now lol

    Maybe potential video idea or me being schizo but I do not know how to code but would love to see how rotational idle is coded in automotive applications. Each revolution a cylinder is turned off in sequence of the firing order?

  9. The website is not free, we as users still pay. Except the currency is attention for the advertisers.

  10. It's good, you just need to clarify how to use it. Took me several minutes just to figure out how to load a game.

  11. This man out here doing God's work

  12. thank you so much for sharing this with everyone!!

  13. Bro u need to see this comment! The website isn’t working properly I’m guttued😢

  14. Ok… Hands up dude!!!
    After watching the video for 1 minute, then going to the website, then analysing your (0:07) move gamplay… I came back only to subscribe you…❤️❤️❤️ Thank you sooo much bro… You really did a gooood job.. I think you yourself don't know how greatful we chess players are at you!!!❤❤

  15. Why dont you make this into an app? I think that would be pretty good

  16. Amazing! I'm glad people like you make free tools which benefit everyone like this.

  17. You are the brilliant move here sir

  18. Take my algorithm points so more people can see this amazing project

  19. desearia poder mover las piezas dentro de la pagina web, se puede ?

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