I Played Magnus Carlsen: Full Game Analysis

In this video, I analyze my chess game against Magnus Carlsen that we played in the Opening Ceremony of the Sinquefield Cup. Watch the some of the footage raw footage from the game here:
Thumbnail photo by Crystal Fuller / @Saint Louis Chess Club / Grand Chess Tour
Analyze the game here:
Watch live at

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  1. This makes me realise how clinical Magnus is in that he looks like he spent most of his effort during the game taking in the atmosphere and s**t chatting Eric, before cruising to an easy victory.

  2. Its incredibly difficult to know you hardly made mistake but get crushed easily by Magnus.

  3. Take that trash talk as a lesson rather than an insult. He respected you enough to take it seriously and talk some shhh at you. He's not talking shit to someone who has no credibility or isn't a threat.

  4. Funny that you said you were gonna regret that F6. WHen I watched the game, I was like, damn, that is a bold move.

  5. Bro he used your pen to sign someone else's paper. Your got absolutely cucked

  6. Eric, why not RB2+ and push the pawn? get the queen faster…. you were close. good game. saw the game in the first video. hoped for analysis…

  7. What was the conversation with Magnus at the end? Was he asking about your strategy?

  8. Nice of Magnus to play a strong opening in this against you instead of one of his hundreds of junk lines he knows extremely well.

  9. Why didn't magnus play horse g5 ? And target bottom left square with 3 attackers horse queen bishop

  10. Magnus sense of humour is very dry, unless i have misinterpreted his comments and he was actually insulting your game play 😂

  11. awesome man just subscribed. you played him tough; wish I had that opp one day. before i watch this vid i wonder what would've happened if: advanced pawn in lieu of initiation queen trade, advanced pawn at end in lieu of moving king over, and didnt block the other pawn in at end (minor). pretty darn good made him sweat and lasted a long time, speaking of wonder how much time there was left on both clocks and what time rules were. i look forward to viewing more of your content and learning to improve my casual gameplay

  12. You did well mate be proud of your self!

  13. You made a fatal mistake when you moved back trying to save a stupid pawn that was already dead. Instead u should have moved the rook to the bottom and prevented promoting and gave up that stupid pawn. Try for a draw.

  14. btw i think u'r humble to share this video.. thats what we have to learn from this video

  15. Just wondering what the computer things of b5. It looked very, very suspicious (a move I would play as well, and then immediately regret it…)

  16. Before I watch this video: When I watched the game it was clear to me early that your backwards pawn on c6 was going to be a major weakness in your position that he was going to exploit, and I thought several times you had to push it, even if it meant to sac a pawn.

  17. 8:59

    i like how you put 10x as much effort into editing this segment as it would’ve taken to cut it out lol

  18. I am not as high rated as you. But as I watching your video and instantly knew that pawn f6 move was a blunder.

  19. I think you got the move order wrong. I remember watching the game and he played Rb1 before playing a3 and only played a3 once you played a5.

  20. You're a great guy, Eric, but your approach here was fundamentally wrong. You didn't give yourself any chance.

    Playing a solid line was a recipe for a loss. He was always going to crush you positionally.

    Best chance was an aggressive gambit and hope it's not one he's already studied.

  21. Did Magnus sign Your score sheet please say … Thank you

  22. Not your greatest game Eric, felt that pin and c6 weakness was really savage. U play the goat and end up in a very difficult situation, he found easy to play position and executed perfectly.
    Great analysis much love from Sweden!

  23. Maybe it would be better if you gave up the rook for bishop, and grab some pawn with your horse,,

  24. الجندي السالك | Passpawn says:

    I don’t why he said complicated game. Its not “ carlsen “

  25. Totally awesome…the match and the commentary….great insights….thank you!

  26. Magnus seems like someone who enjoys a challenge but not the fuss.

    his vision and mental clarity must be very good to pick up poker aswell as chess with such easy

    not many people can

  27. Your chances of winning decreased whenever you played pawn to BE and he retreated with the night and then you moved the rook. I have no clue, but I feel like he already had seen those moves before you even played them

  28. Hey, you played your best game. Keep playing 🎉 I rejoined chess arena after watching your videos. Thanks for that 😊

  29. omg its so cute how eric wants his notebook to be signed

  30. What what what That was NOT how your game was Eric. Your knight was never moved away from the pin – it stayed in front of your rook until eaten by white bishop…

  31. I had a serious what the fuck moment when you said that you had prepped all the way to 4:20

  32. It’s strange seeing this video now with Hans Niemann in the background telling the interviewer “Chess speaks for itself”

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