I Played Magnus Carlsen: Full Game Analysis

In this video, I analyze my chess game against Magnus Carlsen that we played in the Opening Ceremony of the Sinquefield Cup. Watch the some of the footage raw footage from the game here:
Thumbnail photo by Crystal Fuller / @Saint Louis Chess Club / Grand Chess Tour
Analyze the game here:
Watch live at

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  1. I think the reason for your lost is that you were nervous. I personally think that you are better than him. You just need more confidence my man.

  2. Why is 12:08 a stalemate? Wouldn't his rook take b4 and check?

  3. I reckon this Margnus feller is pretty good at chessin', tell you what

  4. The Pawn sacrifice was a mistake, I believe

  5. 9:18 Why didn´t you go B5? If B4xC5 you can answer with the rock, supported by the knight and rock, must be missing something …

  6. You don't want Stafford otb 'gainst magnus come onnnn

  7. Youncould have just put each rook on c7 and a6, that could have protected the pawn and prevented pin from occurring

  8. So you lasted 3,4 moves on your own before you got totally crushed.

  9. Rb1 came before a3 in the actual game. Thanks for confusing me 😂

  10. Don't know if it's an accurate assessment at all, but think MC plays a little petrosianesque in this game or perhaps karpovesque aswell, in the completely pythonesque snaring down the position of the opponent.

  11. Why whyy didn't you keep going with the d pawn when you had the chance? You could've had a passed pawn

  12. Eric-considering playing tricks vs magnus magnus dont even bother eric-ok

  13. When I saw you play f6 I was like noooo blunder, because I didn’t even notice you could just defend the backwards pawn with the king rather than retake the pawn. So funny how it’s like you saw an extra layer deep, and Magnus saw an even deeper layer deep with that checkmate if you did defend pawn with king.

  14. 3:17 "Harmony of setup with minor pieces". I see what you did there

  15. I love how eric is dreaming about the moves magnus makes as if magnus is actually going to play those moves 😅😅😅😂

  16. why not after Ne5 black can not played immediately the exchange sacrifice?I thought that it would be tough game then

  17. At 14:09 I thought maybe he'd play g7 which would have been cute. But Rg5 was simpler.

  18. When I saw you played f6 I was like WTH? I immediately saw the continuation that Magnus played, and I was like how did Eric miss that? Needed an explanation. Now that I see your analysis I see what you had in mind and how you prevented mate. Great!

  19. So much for the old adage, "All rook and pawn endgames are drawn." 🙂

  20. Im so happy for you bro! You're such an inspiration. I really with the best for you!

  21. It must be surreal to play the world champ and arguably the greatest chess player in history in person.

  22. What if instead of queen trade, you played pawn to c5?

  23. I’m the video you played a6 before he plays a3? Am I missing something 3:45

  24. Nice game. Magnus is amazing. I doubt he ever felt that he was in any danger but you did make him think at a few points.

  25. I am chess beginner, can someone please please explain why Eric lost?? As far as I can he could have eliminated that pawn-queen etc, it was not over yet??

  26. I don't play chess, but my guess is that you're making too many assumptions as to what he's going to do. Even if he did play into your moves, you assume he would do one particular thing but I'm not sure you do know what he would do in those other hypothetical situations. Perhaps you need to focus more on the idea that he knows that you have likely studied his play style and what you expect him to do, therefore he does something to stump you instead. I don't know, maybe I don't know what I'm talking about but that's the way I see it.

  27. We all know you’re a celebrity Eric to us. Especially against magnus and keeping calm on those nerves. As always your analysis is very instructive and helpful. I find your videos relaxing for me. Keep growing Eric I know you’ll do well in the future.


  29. Love the analysis this is so insightful 🙂

  30. Eric my man, you are a "national hero" regardless. Nice job.

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