Kira Nerfed, Sniper Buffed, and More! | Auto Chess Patch Note Analysis


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  1. i think now that kira is nerfed its def time to buff thorn predator. this unit is just so bad for its cost u literally only run it for the synergy.

  2. Hearing you say it it makes way more sense than me reading it, thanks jajja

  3. hello vara hope u doing fine …. when r u gonna stream next ?

  4. Can u tell me how to activate kira with only one alchemadter

  5. Thanks Vara i think they're changing witcher synergy maybe the new piece is a witcher… anyway just thought id drop a comment. would be keen to see you stream but not sure about the timing difference with me over in NZ..

  6. Can someone tell me, What is the best synergy to match with fallen witcher? I've always tried 6 beast and fallen witcher but it has alot of weaknes. It doesn't work in late game. So i was wondering if you guys know what synergies best fit for fallen witcher carry.

  7. It will be better if dwarf synergi back to 1/2 and 2/2

  8. I dont think that 5% on hp gonna make a big difference they shouldve hit the dmg imo

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