Lasker & Son, Chess Analysis: The Master Plays 1. e3!?


  1. Why you use the name of the best chess player in history? Most of your vids are not about chess it seems.

  2. I love ur channel u r great neighbors to live by too!

  3. I love how after roughly six years of making videos you have finally made something related to your channel name.

    Also, I believe you did the queen trading in the wrong order. If you take his queen first it forces him to retake with his king lest he hang the bishop on b2.

    Not sure if you care all that much, but there was a lot of material left which makes stranding his king in the middle a tasty proposition.

  4. Any thoughts on Shotgun King? I would love to see your take on it. But I can understand if you are not interested in it.

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