LEGENDARY 1000 Elo Chess Game

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  1. They both probably cheated for the time just to get 1000 elo and decided to not cheat for once

  2. OMG! I guessed the white Queen blunder correctly. Woohooo😂😂😂. No literally I guessed it right.

  3. These games make me think I'm a grandmaster

  4. 4:39 black can take the pawn cause ir the Queen takes the knight royal fork

  5. imagine a Pin could stop the threat of check for example: 16:34 Re7+ and then Bd8 pins the rook so it denys the check of the rook

  6. As a nearly 1070 elo player i can say this is pathetic

  7. 9:42
    NAHHHHHH 💀💀💀
    Just not a German accent 💀💀💀

  8. Can we take a moment to appreciate levy turning into a horse?

  9. Anyone notice that the knight the bishop and the queen creates an L

  10. Haha. It was so funny that I just watched potato opening before this and then h4. It's like English potato here

  11. As a 450 i can confirm I can play better than these two


  13. Bro asked us a question like we we gonna answer 😂

  14. 1000’s I play: see’s mate in 20
    1000’s on YouTube:

  15. My best game was 0 mistakes, 1 blunder abd 0 missed wins

  16. I somehow instantly know he was about to give back his queen☠

  17. Most of my wins are like that. Completely by accident while I'm trying to do something else or running away from an inevitable mate.

  18. 2:58 He was playing English , but did random move . Because he realized that queen is no more-

  19. My daily laughs with Levy’s commentary are priceless

    Thank you Levy 😂🙌🏻🤩

  20. Both Drink everything out a German brewery

  21. Levy gives me 10 chances to guess Black's move and even though I'm right he still says that I'm wrong

  22. and he sacrifices……. THE GAMEEEEEEEEEEE

  23. I am 545 and why do I think all the noobs are on 1000 and all the pros are at 500 to 600 uknow

  24. 8:24 got mine laughing too hard truly a sigma roast 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  25. That was very entertaining thankyou for this. Ps love the random rants you fall into 😂 made my day

  26. You are brilliant AND hilarious AND educational! Tagging all the bases! Thank you!

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