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  1. Wait so why is penguincharlie not joining pogchamps?

  2. Hey man how does one get coaching from you? I'm rated 1700 in and would like to step up my game. Cheers

  3. Why isn't Charlie playing in PogChamps? He deserves a spot

  4. I dont need to see an intro to catch my attention, ill see the whole video anyway

  5. Cool to see GM Charlie teaching Daniel how to play chess

  6. It’s hilarious to see how well these two go together on stream. Aside from that, it’s nice to have these videos that actually teach you something. It’s not hard to grasp, really straight forward, really nice

  7. You guys are both so interesting to watch play chess

  8. hey daniel – can I ask who designed your logo?

  9. This video is basically a GM playing low rated players and some idiot just moving the pieces.

  10. If you think very deeply about it, stockfish and leela's play style is pretty butts to the nuts

  11. So glad you referenced your articles on rook lifts. Found them on and it's helped me understand rook activation so much better!!!

  12. Not gonna lie. These lessons are so amazing, that even I've learned so much from not playing the game at all. I believe I dipped down to 450 the first day I played and I just looked stuff up. Seeing an amazing content creator being taught by a very good teacher that doesn't just guide him but let him makes choices and always tries to make him see the consequences and advantages of every move. Just to put to perspective, I'm 1100 now and it's only been 4 days. 1st day doodoo player, 2nd-3rd day watching you teach Charlie, then 4th day grind to 1100

  13. you remind me of steven universe w ur pic (thumbnail)

  14. he looks so much older with his 2 day beard

  15. It seems like Charlie's humor has grown on Daniel 😂

  16. Excellent Socratic questions from illustrative examples.

  17. I love that Danya has a chess board in the background of his facecam as well

  18. At around the 10:00 minute mark where he checks the king to take the queen after sacrificing the knight, i am curious if it would have been a good move to instead of that turn taking the pawn with the knight, moving Qg5 pining e3 then taking d4 with the knight to set up the potential king queen fork with the knight?

  19. Daniel and Charlie are bros who didn't know it until the game of chess brought them together.

  20. Genius, madness

    Whats the difference

    Everytime you think outside the box

    They think some screws are missin

    Trapped in mental prison

    Vivid visions, try to explain but no one listen

    tryna be great and make a livin

    But in this world we live in its hard to fit in

    Tryna find my path, where is it?

    Lost in a maze of business

    365 days, 50 cent raise

    What the fuck is this?

    Fuck the office fuck the kitchen

    You dont mean shit to the system

    So do what you love

    And one day you may find your mission.

  21. Naroditsky’s kitchen looks like my parents’

  22. Sooo cool to watch Master Naroditsky's face @8:29 when he spots Nxd4 in literally 2 seconds!

  23. hey! why is this 900 playing like a gm?! cheat detected!!! lololololol

  24. "You live how you play chess…" That explains why my life sucks.

  25. I haven't noticed before that Daniel Naroditsky looks like Bogdan Bogdanović

  26. it strikes me as odd that low rated players fall into one of 2 camps: they can be like charlie, who will never ever trade evenly even though he is about to trade with tempo and win a rook, or they can be the "take every trade offered" variety, and I think it's pretty clear just based on how they play openings which camp they'll fall into and you can use that to exploit some pretty sneaky weaknesses.

  27. 3:55:55 "The names of chess players, you cannot make that shit up. It's like only chess players have those names" — GM "Naroditsky"

  28. Spectrum is literally like Voldemort, you don’t speak of it

  29. I'm coming from DN's master class's on YouTube and he's so PG in those things – it's great seeing him let loose here with MC – "You just gotta fuckin' do it!"

  30. This series has a lot of utility for those of us who want to understand position, strategy, & what a higher level chess IQ looks like

  31. So are you an official chess gm? i looked it up and it says theres about 1700 chess gm's in the world, and you count yourself among them?

  32. This Daniel guy is really something maybe he will become a GM one day

  33. I've learned so much in the past couple weeks watching these videos. Thanks!

  34. This is the only reason i ever lose my rated games. The opponant is being hand-held by a GM. :[

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