London System Opening Adjustments to Crush a Fianchetto | Beginner Chess Analysis | Improve at Chess

In today’s chess match we start with the London System opening, but we quickly change our plan to adjust to a fianchetto by our opponent. The defense looks like a King’s Indian Defense, but our opponent started with d5, so I’m actually unsure if this is still considered the King’s Indian Defense.

The theme from this London System opening is that you should always adjust your plan if you have the ability to exploit your opponent’s position. After I saw that my opponent was going to fianchetto, I decided to switch up the London opening to attack the dark squared bishop.

Learning how to play the London System can help you improve as as a new chess player, but don’t become attached to the opening. The London is dangerous, but make sure you adjust to your opponents moves.

Always try out new positions to get better at chess – you need to experience different chess positions to expand your skills and climb the ladder.


  1. Yah I came here cause my friend kept beating me with Fianchetto.So thanks 👍

  2. Congrats man, your analysis has demonstrably levelled up 👍

  3. Very instructive! Nice to see flexibility in the London. Sometimes you can get too attached to the standard checkmate pattern and possibly blunder because of it.
    Great content!

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