Lucas Chess Analysis Features Overview (fixed audio)

Quick overview of some features of Lucas Chess. Lucas Chess is free and open source. Available here:


  1. This is the best chess game software. I have started playing it on my PC.

  2. Can Lucas chess be used to analyze a FEN position? I have Lucas Chess and use it everyday to analyze my games but I would like to be able to analyze single positions using FEN. 

  3. Yeah, when you're in the PGN viewer or Create Your Own Game, the config menu has an option "Paste FEN position"

  4. I have been using Lucas Chess for a while now and it is excellent. Recently I had a problem with my computer and was forced to wipe the hard drive and re-enter windows. One of the first programs I re-installed was Lucas Chess. Unfortunately I find that I cannot get it to work. I click on the icon and it just does not come on! Can you tell me what the problem is? I really like Lucas Chess and need it to analyze my games and positions.  

  5. This is a really good software. For learning it´s more efficient you know how much each move is priced insted a long line of variation.

  6. I also had a problem with the program not opening when I clicked on the icon.  I then found that a couple other software apps had to be installed on my system for Lucas Chess to function.  (I'm using Windows XP — maybe this isn't necessary on other OS's.) Install Python and PyQt, and then Lucas Chess should work.  You need to use the older version (v. 2.7.6) of Python; it can be downloaded from  If PyQt5 doesn't work, use PyQt4; both versions can be downloaded from  Note also that the new web site for Lucas Chess is

    If there is another way to get Lucas Chess to work without installing these two extra programs, I'd be interested to know.  Maybe future versions of Lucas Chess will make it possible or simpler for people using Windows.

  7. Thanks for this vid. .. In the beginning you mention one of your videos discussing how to analyze games using an engine. I looked thru your video list, but couldn't tell which video that was. Could you specify which one please? Thanks 😀

  8. I find this overview very useful. Gorgonian, many thanks!

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