Magnus and Hikaru Play CHESS 2.0!

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  1. This is an enjoyable type of chess but I really think the players need more than 15 minutes for the game.

  2. bro this is actually fun af like its so exiting what format we can do with this one…like maybe we can make the players choose thier color like armagedon or like themes for the games like seasons stuff…make the game more enjoyable

  3. magnus is the kid in the candy shop long live the king

  4. Im pretty high and just thought of an actual chess 2.0. After each move, the board is rotated 90 degrees clockwise


  6. I like this because we get to judge the players like way more than we normally can

  7. Shave,style your hair,put some nicer clothes on

  8. They need to play this, but with your average 400 elo chess game

  9. This format could work with never seen before positions. Or straight up nonsensical positions that are still balanced.

  10. Was i the only one to notice voice in the first match recap

  11. Quick noob question at 15:45
    why can't the queen just go c3? that's the first thing i thought in that position before i saw they took the knight
    i may have really low foresight but that doesn't seem an immediate sacrifice

    can someone enlighten me on why that's a bad move? (since it wasn't played i'm guessing it was a bad move)

  12. Gonna be hype to watch you play once this format makes its way online!

  13. This is a really cool format. If they used chess engines to generate the position, it would be more fair

  14. did players knew ahead of time the position they will start? or is it just a surprise position when they start the play?

  15. This format is more useful when it comes to comparing the old way of playing chess with the modern way, but if you think about it, it's just the same as regular chess because one still has to memorize openings. So why not just memorize at a later stage of the game and try to aim for wins instead of draws?

  16. I liked the contrast between the games, maybe you could toggle a a split screen with two smaller boards each for one game? That would help me see the structures a lot better 🙂 thanks for the analysis and good time 🙂

  17. We need an Engine that can create as many even midgame positions as it can, and have them rotate randomly, Similar to Chess960

  18. Wait did they really name it Casablanca because of where was being played and not because of "Play it again, Sam"? I just assumed it was a joke about the movie.

  19. A single exclamation point? Ok fine ill watch

  20. I love Magnus man the man is Chess himself

  21. Ahh yes, the famous German chess master William Steinitz.

  22. 25:38 I'm still a beginner in chess, can someone explain to me why Hikaru couldn't have played bishop B7 to stop the draw?

  23. Its the best format , it gets rid of all the boring unnecessary parts of the game .at that level every player knows all the openings and how to counter them and basiccaly just plays them without even thinking .this format puts players right into the heat of action which is fun for both the players and those who watch the game too.

  24. yep, levy just made an error, no human lives over 150 mate, we know you're a vampire. just come forward.

  25. I mean its official because fide organized
    Same as chess960

  26. No apocalypse but this shit still slaps

  27. Very cool to see, I would bet Magnus and Hikaru knew the game and played lines in that first game.

  28. They should play double agent chess each player takes turns putting both 1 of their and one of their opponents pieces on the bored to set up the game the kings and queens are placed last and you can't start the game in check

  29. “Some of you weren’t even alive back then…” 😂

  30. 15:44 the queen is trapped? What's the problem with the queen staying on f2?

  31. Black queen could have gone to f 2 in magnus v anand

  32. Did you just say some of you were not alive 150 years ago? Key word "some" 😂😂😂😂

  33. no shot chess 2 came out and we still dont have gta 6.

  34. These games where a player lets a queen or other piece into their back ranks because they know they can trap it are absolutely fascinating to me.

  35. The only problem with Casablanca chess is that it's one letter away from Capablanca chess, which is totally different.

  36. "We don't care about the engine" -Levy. What if it's better than you?? 🤣🤣

  37. 9:16 "this position follows a game from 150 years ago some of you weren't even alive back then" i knew levy was old but this much? goddam

  38. Honestly I'm holding my tears watching magnus vs hikaru

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