Magnus Carlsen, Hou Yifan & Peter Leko | Superb Chess Analysis after Round 2

Magnus Carlsen vs Hou Yifan – Post-game analysis with Peter Leko after round 2 of the GRENKE Chess Classic 2018.

Magnus Carlsen could raise the pressure on Hou Yifan’s poition step by step. In the end Carlsen could convert his extra-pawn against Yifan into a full point.

Thank you Jan Gutafsson & Peter Leko for your outstanding chess commentary passion!
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The upcoming World Chess Championship will take place from 09 to 28 November 2018 in London. Magnus Carlsen (Norway) defends his title against Fabiano Caruana after the 25-year-old Italian-American won the candidate tournament in Berlin. But all chess fans get a taste of this duel just a few days after Caruana’s triumph, because the current superstars of the scene meet at the GRENKE Chess Classic.

At the press conference after his victory in the last round in Berlin against Alexander Grischuk, Caruana was already very self-confident: “We’re going to actually play at the Grenke Classic in a few days, so hopefully I’ll send a message there!”. Whether the duel will take place in Karlsruhe at the beginning or in Baden-Baden in the second half, however, is not yet clear, as the pairings will be drawn one day before the start of the tournament.

In addition to Carlsen and Caruana, three other players are the favourites for the tournament victory. It will be interesting to see if Levon Aronian (Armenia), after his disappointing performance at the candidate tournament, can muster the strength to repeat his success at the GRENKE Chess Classic last year. Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (France) and former world champion Viswanathan Anand (India), on the other hand, will start the race fully rested.

The field of participants with ten world-class grandmasters is completed by Nikita Vitiugov (Russia), Arkadij Naiditsch (Azerbaijan), the world’s strongest chess player Hou Yifan (China), Georg Meier (Germany) and Matthias Blübaum (Germany).

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  1. Ok so: who won? ( I mean: MC was white?) and also: what was the mistake made by Yifan?

  2. Lots of respect of Hou Yifan . Also, please bring back Tania Sachdev. She was great reporting for Grenke in previous years.

  3. Unfortunately the audio isn't good. Most if it is unintelligible.

  4. I feel a bit sorry for Hou here. It must be very difficult competing in a game dominated by men at the best of times. But when you're in a post game analysis with someone who's just beaten you, and who is the best player in the world – what exactly can you say? I'm sure a lot of us have been in a similar situation where we know we had some good ideas but were fearful to express them.

  5. These two will make a great couple …lighter note 🙂

  6. Magnus seems to be in a lot more enthusiastic mood recently, and it’s pretty refreshing

  7. Pls bring back Tania sachdeva ..She was awsm..

  8. It's really nice battle between world
    Chess king Vs Queen

  9. I disliked because Yifan was ignored for most of the video. I love Magnus, but c'mon. It's a two player game.

  10. Great interview by Peter, very professional. Just about chess, no superfluous comments or irrelevant questions.

  11. 2:47 precise moment when Magnus falls in love with Hou Yifan 😉

  12. Starting at 2:33
    I'm sure Magnus was trying to make fun of them. Or maybe it was a bet, that he comes through with Nh5. But he never ever would have missed such a simple tactic!!

  13. Is it just me or does Magnus look like Matt Damon here?

  14. It's like feeling uncomfortable
    Rather then analyzing they should have gone on DATE

  15. 3:08 "-This is nothing special, like…-But I was quite impressed by Rd1, because I thought that…- Yeah, you kind of wanna…- Yeah-"


  16. I like it when yifan said she preferred playing men rather then women

  17. please i want them to date. imagine that!

  18. She is one of few females that can talk chess at the same level as Magnus.

  19. Tss dont Fool me wait the Company I need you also my wife Yifan ! High tec chess arena . . .Wait the Company. Japan ready to help in that Chess Arena Chess Technolgy not wood board right my wife. . .

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  21. Mustofa lion Piranha Nile Crocodile Jaguar says:

    Hau yifan ello doank gede menang kagak ngga panteslah minimal kaalahin utut dan susanto jangan bilang master belum ngaalahin mereka

  22. Can someone explain what was the nice move at 2:46 that made magnus impressed

  23. This proves that she's better than magnus.. Magnus needs to work harder..

  24. Hermosa y tímida How Yifan…
    Ella es el perfume de este video.

  25. peter leko third
    wheeling here hard. feels bad man

  26. If they have a kid, Stockfish is in trouble

  27. Magnus in this video till end- ya yeahhaaa?!!! Yaa yaaa YAHAA!!! YAA

  28. Magnus : "And kids that's how I met your Mother !!!"

  29. This is the best Magnus hairstyle Ive sen. Razor sharp.

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