Magnus Carlsen MAKES FUN of Analysis after WINNING

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  1. I can confirm that kurwa is just how we speak

  2. Magnus “i made a blunder wtf”
    Me “i made No blunders wtf”

  3. I love how hes confused about a blunder yet im fine ending a game of chess with 14 blunders 3 misdemeanors and a felony.

  4. Magnus is a cultured man, he knows football, chess, solitaire, mine sweeper and minecraft

  5. Imagine getting clapped by Magnuswait it sound wrong somehow

  6. I hope Magnus has played Minecraft since this

  7. Viewer: would you play minecraft with me?
    Magnus: respectfully, no

  8. Thats not swearing, thats just how foolish people talk. -Magnus Carlsen

  9. He is talking with an empty chair.This is so sad 😞

  10. can someone explain to me why at 4:11 white can't just take the knight with the queen?

  11. its Carlson who should be advicing the Engine

  12. I didn't know I'd ever wanted to see the best chess player of all times play minecraft but now that the idea is out there I just want to see it soo bad

  13. While white is better here… I don't know if I call it a blunder. Correct me if im wrong, but after Qh8 (just easier to look at it from that POV), Kb7(I think), Black Qe8 is still good as the bishop doesn't have a good square to go to. Even if black takes on qe3 he can't check or threaten a piece with his queen for a move. This allows black to regain tempo or at least equalize. I don't see this being a bad continuation…. but then again I'm not Magnus or a computer engine so….

  14. Hardly making fun of it. Agreeing with it more like.

  15. It was indeed a blunder lol but good thing his opponent didn't see Rb7 either.

  16. Proves Magnus is a human afterall and how much strong engines are going to be in future years. They can literally pull off a 1000-0 against the greatest chess player in the world.

  17. I actually saw that move, but just thought that it somehow loses because no way Magnus didn't saw that

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