Magnus Carlsen Reacts to Nepomniachtchi’s Bishop Blunder in World Chess Championship 2021

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  1. The same happened to both Morphy and Fischer. Mistakes happen.

  2. What the fuck is happening ??? I don't understand single shite

  3. Magnus looks completely disgusted that someone would disrespect him like that n make a completely terrible “i gave up” type of blunder. He knows hes the best but it still hurtd him when someone doesnt try to give him their best.

  4. Nepo plays a very deep Bishop sacrifice, almost shocking Magnus into resigning.

  5. Yeah, it's no wonder Magnus didn't attend to WCC,, he would have won it for sure

  6. and nowadays Ding and Nepo take turns on doing this every match…

  7. Dings collapse in game 7 of the 2023 WCC reminded me of this game

  8. Watching this while Ding and Nepo are blundering game after game makes me realize how INSANE is that Magnus no longer will play these matches…

  9. lool at that girl pretending to know what just happened after he looked at the bar

  10. Lol .. to think..2 years later (thanks to Magnus taking a break) THIS is the guy about to become World Champion lol

  11. And it was in this position that Magnus Carlsen resigned the WCC title, as there is nothing more to be done here.

  12. Nepo's gambit . Blunder so bad that magnus lose interest in world championship and make him retire .so that he would have a chance in the current match against others instead of magnus. big brain play.

  13. This video is garbage, put the whole segment not bits and pieces

  14. Imagine blundering so bad, your opponent decides to quit WCC altogether

  15. Can someone explain it to me? I don't understand why it's a bad move

  16. I couldn't believe it. Especially from such a high rated GM. The long game looks as if it broke him. Just stunning.

  17. make sure not to mention what game this is in the description, but yea, put in every plug you can think of

  18. Magnus : so all the work that I did was to play this kind of games?

  19. Caruana was the strongest opponent Magnus has faced in the WCC

  20. The thought process from "WTF" to "Is he having a plan with that move?" And finally "Oh he's just blunder and move randomly, WCC is meaningless if I have to face him again".

  21. Magnus "this is a baby game, I'm going to become a computer now."

  22. Im awful at chess, barley 1,000 and even I see this 🤦🏻‍♂️. Magnus poker career started at this moment!

  23. Magnus like, "I trained 12 hours a day for 6 months, for this? That's it, I'm switching to Poker!"

  24. Brilliant move by Nepo making Magnus leave the WCC

  25. Whenever Ian blunders, he walks away ahaha

  26. Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus says:

    let classical chess die in peace…

  27. I an't understand why this chess coverage sucks so much, it is impossible to understand what the position is and the the move played that was the big blunder, I mean is it the board on the right small? Is it the big board to the left? What was the position and what was it that nepo played that was so bad? And why was it bad??

  28. Strategic brilliance by Ian. He foresaw that this would make Magnus forfeit his title, so he could have a chance next time.

  29. And this game went in history to know that some players with pressure to win can play a big blunder moves.

  30. someone explain what happened? looks fine to me

  31. Chess blunders give off a fart smell that only magnus can detect

  32. Blundering so badly for a chance next time
    And still loses sadge

  33. my 500 elo can't even find how the bishop is blundered even after watching the video twice

  34. Is it only me who doesn’t see the blunder ???

  35. It's heartbreaking to get this in my reccomends just after seeing the gloom of Nepo's resignation from this year's tournament.
    Really rooting for him to stay well

  36. for any one wondering, pawn to c6 and the bishop on b7 has no squares to go to

  37. Magnus was like

    "Is there something I don't see… No… There is nothing… Is there some evil witchcraft or did he just threw?"

  38. Непо – Шлёпа – прошлёпал слона.

  39. I am still trying to find where the blunder is 😂😂

  40. Magnus reacting as if he went to a 3 star Michelin restaurant and was served a steaming turd 😂

  41. Watching him walk away after throwing away the Championship like a boss will always make me laugh 0:20

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