Magnus Carlsen Reacts to Nepomniachtchi’s Bishop Blunder in World Chess Championship 2021

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  1. Nepomniachtchi is a joker …most of the time plays badly.

  2. Is this what made Magnus abdicate?Ian realigned his synapses.

  3. Image being so good that being the champion is beneath you lol

  4. Brilliant move from Nepo. Now Carlsen the goat doesn't take part on WCC anymore.

  5. Girl not knowing wtf is going on- uuuuuhhhh

  6. Magnus spending a full minute looking for the trap

  7. So it was while that made the blunder? Could you please explain what he was supposed to do? I do not see any piece able to take over the Bishop now? Please explain

  8. Magnus is like "am I retarded or is he retarded?"

  9. You instantly see the move, just like no one sees Anish making the world championship game. Anish is all talk and no substance

  10. Wasn't a similar blunder made by Bobby Fischer in his match against Boris Spassky, where is was an obvious blunder into a trapped bishop?

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