Magnus Carlsen Realizes His Opponent is Using STOCKFISH in Online Blitz Game

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  1. He played well for his rating! Magnus sure knew it was stockfish

  2. Can you get Magnus back in Banter Blitz please? 🙂

  3. Hope in the future there will be a way to discover cheating bastards using stockfish and ban their IP adress for accesing chess24 and forever.

  4. makes sense, stockfish would know how a stockfish plays

  5. Alphazero on the ceiling beats stockfish on the phone.

  6. What earn people from cheating? What is the benefit?

  7. Magnus knows moves of Stock fish too🙃

  8. We all hate cheaters but let’s be honest, we all wanted to see this matchup. Magnus really held his own, this is the form we need from him in tournaments!

  9. Stockfish when the game started: why do i hear boss music?

  10. He shouldn't complain tho, since he has one installed in his brain

  11. he almost beat Magnus.. must have been AI.

  12. Pretty sure the doll was "flashing" Magnus the moves to play against Stockfish! 😉

  13. Stockfish Vs Magnus Apps

  14. I love how the most underrated site has the greatest chess engines

  15. RageAgainstTheMachine RageAgainstTheMachine says:


  16. Change the thumbnail to : Stockfish has realized that his opponent was using Magnus Carlsen 😜

  17. Change the title to stockfish cheater fucked with the wrong person

  18. no le ganan ni con el stockfish jajajajja

  19. One guy used stockfish, but the other one used Magnus Carlsen, which is even worse!

  20. Winning really isn't anything other than a leftover from a time where it meant survival. Now if you evolve the journey really is …the way.

  21. Wtf? I dont get it.. When did he realize it?

  22. As they say, there's always a bigger fish.

  23. Cool, but where is the part Magnus Carlsen realises his opponent is using stockfish?

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