Magnus Carlsen’s FAVOURITE Game From The Queen’s Gambit

Beth Harmon’s game against D.L. Townes was my favourite game in The Queen’s Gambit. See me break down this nail-biting sequence for @NetflixNordic. #TheQueensGambit​ #MagnusCarlsen​ #chess


  1. Watching Magnus explain the game made me realize the genius of the screenplay. Each game matched the theme of the scene. This scene's game is simple, lovely, imaginative matched with Anya's flirty looks, it has a sense of playfulness in it. The end game with the grandmaster was cunning, ruthless, and punishing very in tune with the atmosphere of the story

  2. the knight is so underrated for beginning chess players. honestly, i'd take a knight over a queen

  3. Wouldn’t it be funny if in the chess matches, they just move random pieces to random spots on the board just to make it look legit? Lmao

  4. I love how he sees the game as simply lovely…almost intimate, shy. I just see chess pieces, but I appreciate that at the Magnus level, it’s all about art.

  5. Couldn't the man move his rook to E5 or C5?

  6. You know that Kasparov was an adviser in this series?

  7. this magnus guy could some day be the greatest chess dude in the world 😉

  8. bro said pls enjoy it

    i enjoyed don't kill me

  9. Anyone know what this board he’s using is?

  10. I've always wondered why, when playing the Russian, he forfeited so soon with so many pieces left. Back in the days of my high school chess club, we played until the end.

  11. It must be cool to watch a TV show about a super gifted prodigy and then realise "oh, wait, but I am better than her and I am real"

  12. Thank you for explaining exactly this sequence.
    It's hard to keep up with the actual moves when watching the movie but I did notice specifically this ending and that the last move by white looked like a novice mistake. … Moving directly into a fork.
    But seeing the whole position there's more to it.

  13. i know im late and no one will probably see this comment, but how does townes lose this game? im a beginner and the king still has some safe squares to move to, no? could someone explain it to me?

  14. "jesus christ Harmon, you're humiliating my Rook"

    "He won't have to suffer much longer"

  15. For some reason, I thought Magnus Carlsen would be a prick because I've only heard about him from the recent chess drama, but he actually seems super chill lol And really fair and forgiving to a show that the public enjoys

  16. You should see the game in the Movie of No Game No life anime


  18. He could’ve won by moving the rook 1 right-down from his pawn, then move up one by one (rook & pawn covering it from the enemy rook). Right?

  19. Magnus, have you considered washing your hair? You look a bit smelly in this video tbh. Just saying.

  20. Nice video. But I want also a youtube Beth Harmon's chess channel!

  21. Okay.. help me under stand this.. couldn’t he have moved the Rook to E5, forced the queen to nudge closer to capture, than moved the rook back to H5. Depending on how she would have gone about getting the rook in the long run it’s definitely delaying the inevitable, but wouldn’t he have stood a chance at queening his pawn in that particular process? It’s late and I just finished the series. Also not a “chess master master” or ever pretend to be. I just have an understanding of the game. Help me understand what I’m not seeing here.. thanks🙏🏼

  22. Why can't he place the rook on G4?

  23. I like Magnus to play against queens gambit

  24. That is why i love Magnus love from india💖💖

  25. I’m acting like I know what he is saying 😂

  26. The series shows that the genius it takes to think and play chess that way does not necessarily carry over well in everyday life.

  27. Hah he seems like such a nice guy. Something about his humility and expertise is enjoyable to watch.

  28. That was marvelous. Marvelous that the game could hold up under his scrutiny. Marvelous to have him explain what made this such great chess. A drama within a drama that nobody but somebody highly proficient in chess would get.

  29. Hiring Chess' creator Gary Chess to act as a consultant on the show really made all the difference in its authenticity.

  30. Ding who? Magnus is the best player in the world

  31. Me: looks like calculus

    Carlsen: i love the simplicity of it

  32. Queens gambit sucks. The best female player is ranked like 50th overall. Men are far better. I live women btw but the movie is unrealistic

  33. Wow, that is clever as to how the rook was lost at that point. At first glance, it seems as though the rook is in fine shape. But it is not. Very cool.

  34. Magnus is not a misogynistic man. He has a soft spot for woman.

    I don't have any trouble admitting that men are superior in term of analytic thinking. That's why majority of them dominate the chess.

    Nature just made some exceptions for women. Chess is a male-dominated field

  35. In 25 years Magnus may become The Most Interesting Man In the World.

  36. Was "The Queen's Gambit" based on a true story, or were all of the chess games in the movie made up for the movie?

  37. You do realise it's a story and not a real game ?!

  38. I love the way Magnus treats this as real game with real players and comments on that basis . Well done to even bother to comment

  39. Magnus is the living Beth Harmon of our time. I'm so happy you inspired a whole generation of youngsters Magnus.

  40. Beth looking up at possible moves in her mind made the point that she still had her eidetic memory intact without any chemical use, and it was the superpower she had developed from childhood, being deprived of the one thing she really loved, chess, and needing to play it in her head.

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