Magnus makes Fun of Analysis after winning a game

Magnus Carlsen vs Igor Kowalski
Titled Tuesday
1 february 2023

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  1. That buzzing cell phone in your audio is horrible!! Gotta isolate your mic, Magnus.

  2. Who does this guy think he is? Magnus Carlsen?

  3. At 1:52 he coulda checked magnus if he took his far left pawn with his queen

  4. ‘Liverpool will destroy Real Madrid’

    Heh, right…

  5. Man, I'd like to see Magnus start streaming MineCraft.


  7. I wonder what the accuracy and rating was on Magnus

  8. I like how when Magnus talks there is an underlying bass that plays.

  9. I don't see why the guy wouldn't do queen D7 to take his knight looks like a free knight but idc enough about chess to study it myself so why is that a bad move someone tell me i'm lazy and dumb

  10. Random Kid : "WIll you play minecraft with me?"
    Magnus : basically "no, because I dont want to play with you"

    a little blunt

  11. at 4:35 why did he grab the pawn? I know it was free but wouldnt putting him in check to grab the rook be better? although, maybe it prolongs the game

  12. "Never played Minecraft, although I do like the game in principle"
    Most Magnus-like quote I've ever heard

  13. I also thought to move the knight but i still would have lost i think 😅

  14. Magnus is an asshole "i dont play mind craft and if i did probsbly not with you."

    Im nicer about it but same message.

    Not saying is bad hes an asshole lol. Just funny to me.

  15. "What the fuck?" That's how all my chess games end.

  16. Haven't anyone noticed the stream count!? LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!

  17. me with 15 blunders after somehow winning the messiest chess game in history

    that's perfectly fine

  18. Can't believe the world chump. Is just 1337 rating lmao

  19. Though a perfectly reasonable response, I feel a bit bad for the guy that wanted to play minecraft

  20. lol "that's not swearing, that's just how Polish people talk"

    so right 😀 for us in Bavaria, words like "Fotz'n", which in standard German would mean "cunt" just means "mouth" or "slap in the face" for us, and we have many other "false friends" like that. Also we use sentences like "Leckts mi am Oasch"(lick my ass) or "Ja Herrschaftszeitenhallelujahhimmeherrgottfixsakramentgreizgruzefixscheißglumpvarreckts"(Oh time of sovereignity hallelujah lord god in heaven fuck sakrament cross crucifix shitty junk die a miserable death) as a standard expression of disbelief or surprisal, nobody is going to look at you twice. Just how we talk. Even words like "Zipfeglatscher"(penis-slapper) or "Oarschgeign"(ass violin) are perfectly normal – that's like nicknames for our friends. It's the same for Polish people, it's just not like anyone speaking Polish is going to think saying kurwa is swearing. I have many Polish co-workers and it's like every other sentence kurwa kurwa kurwa, it's just a form of punctuating what's been said.

  21. Sorry, chess noob here, maybe this is one of those obscure chess things you don't hear about very often. But did Magnus at 0:19 not just TAKE HIS OWN PIECE?! What the actual fuck?

  22. He cant make fun of the bot it would kick his ass.

    The title is like if we said "levy makes fun of magnus," but magnus is just roasting his moves

  23. Bro is casually teaching Stockfish how to analyze games 💀

  24. doesn't matter how good magnus is, the pc is still better. even if he doesnt see why its a blunder, the engine knows the best moves to some extend

  25. In my eyes, that was a blunder, but I’m a 400 ELO rated guy who plays to troll my friends.

  26. Current Streamer Rating: 1337 (+69)…. This had to be a setup…

  27. When i make one blunder i feel like i’m improving lmao. I see a “brilliant” move appear. An im a GM in 2 weeks tops 😅🎉

  28. I beat Magnus a couple months ago with scholars mate lol

  29. "That's not swearing, that's just how polish people talk" 😂

  30. 4:45 can someone explain to me why he didn’t check the king with QD8?? Free tower, i don’t get it

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