MAGNUS shows how to play the RUY LOPEZ opening

In this instructional banter blitz, Magnus Carlsen the World Chess Champion plays the Ruy Lopez, one of the most popular opening as white showing how to play the position.

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  1. Magnus just destroyed him at the end this guy dint know what hit him.

  2. I love the Jennifer Lawrence opening more.

  3. If I could get a draw once in a thousand games with Magnus I would be happy. I was rated in the 1860s in college. I play more like a 1600 player now so would be hard to get a draw even once in a 1,000 games.

  4. Does he have his own learning portal? I would pay for him to go over games like this one.

  5. That's my opening. I've been using that since 1988. Mind you it depends on the skill of the opponent.

  6. Who cares, it's memorizastion. Chess is now BORING ASF

  7. Sounds like a dodgeball when the pieces move

  8. Just started playing and I'm loving it my rating is 875 , is that OK.

  9. 6:05 "and if cxd4 Nd6 is very good" what position is he talking about there? Sounds like he skips a white move…

  10. 16:43 Why didn't Black play Pawn to F6? Moving back his Bishop to E6 seemed to be the death blow…

  11. I was following along until suddenly Magnus started moving quickly then I'm like wait what???

  12. im a little surprised that a 2k player doesn't know how to unpin from a discovered check

  13. Imagine almost being 2000 elo, having 1 game right before bed and you have to go against world champion Magnus Carlsen…

  14. He makes it look so easy. I wonder why I even bother 😂

  15. I like Magnus because he is a genuinely nice guy. He doesn't seem like someone who wins and gloats over the other players. I think it would be kewl to just have a beer with Magnus. He seems like just an average guy that is actually a true genius.

  16. He is a GOAT….thank you for the stunning video

  17. does anyone know the board theme and sound Magnus used in this game ? Thanks alot

  18. He played the opening well like an experienced ruy lopez player but as soon as he hit the middle game and was out of theory he simply blundered almost immediately….same old story for a lot of chess players these days…

  19. I would love to play magnus just to get mated in one move😂💪🏽✌🏽

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