Marshall Series Analysis Chess Combination – House of Staunton

What’s going on everyone, welcome back to yet another video where I share with you a couple of small chess purchases. First I reflect upon the purpose of paper chess boards as well as finish the video off by introducing a smaller plastic analysis chess set from the House of Staunton. I am a little out of tune but I hope you still enjoy this video.

Link for the paper chess board:

Link for the Marshall series Analysis Chess Combination:


  1. Hey guys! Thank you for continuing to show support for my channel and watching my videos! One of you, my good viewers, pointed out that I mentioned board having a 1.75 inch square size and I wanted to make a correction and note that the square size is in fact 1.875 inches as this is the board that came with this set! As always, thank you for watching!

  2. Take your time man, just keep focusing on what's important. I'm sure your subscribers would understand.

  3. I have played chess and had a great interest in chess sets of all sorts so i thank you for putting in the work and time to show and explaine chess sets and boards etc i do have a thing for red and white sets anyway good luck with your videos.

  4. Nice chess set. Conservative and elegant. Visually I find this Marshall set very aesthetic. Alex, the tilt can be found only on plastic chess sets due to the casting process and the further cooling down. That's when they can skew. The wooden chessmen are turned on lathe and are symmetrical.

  5. I dig your Marshall Series Analysis Chess Combination it looks good with the red and natural pieces! Just checking it's a 1.875 inch chess board right? In your video at about 7:35 you say it's 1.75

  6. I've owned the Library sized Marshall set and that board. I eventually gave them as a gift. It's not a bad little set. However I am more into sets that are 3.25 to 3.625 inches. With boards with 2 inch squares. The American Checker Federation sells a folding vinyl PVC board with 2 inch squares. This board is the official tournament board for checkers.

  7. I have the Marshall Series from House of Staunton, with 3.75" kings. The knights are especially well-designed. The rooks have sturdy parapets, which won't snap off if dropped. The weights are good; not too light, but not disproportionately heavy. The felt is pool table felt, which is pretty rugged. I paid about $35 for the set in 2022.

  8. i saw this chess set on grey white linen chess board and im just obsessed in finding the grey and white chess board whether its vinyl or cardboard…

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