Master Chess Analysis for Free: Tips and Strategies without a Membership

How To Analysis Chess Com Games Free Without Membership 2023 | chess analysis | chess game analysis

#2 How to Analyze Games for Free Without a Membership | Chess Analysis Tips and Strategies

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  1. people need the move feed back but this is help me a little bit

  2. i want to see percentages and estimated elo😭😭

  3. What if I want to see the BLUNDER, MISTAKES, or MISSED WIN?

  4. Tip for everbody wondering how to see your accuracy, just click on "Request a computer analysis" and after a short wait you can see all blunders, inaccuracies, mistakes… and most importantly your percentage accuracy, hope this helps!

  5. PS. their is no longer a download button you have press share and then you'll see it.

  6. This method can't be used on mobile πŸ₯²

  7. Awesome video, but maybe try getting straight to the point.

  8. what if i want to see great moves or brilliant moves??

  9. I think they deleted rhe option to download the game without member ship

  10. Is there any way to see great and brilliant moves and to see your accuracy for free, too?

  11. π’πšπ―πšπ πž π’π¨π―π’πžπ­ [AIPY][CLG][INGR][SGTR][ICGA]{ITAC} says:

    Hiw to in android

  12. Yeah, but can the lichess analysis guess players’ ratings?

  13. thank you they were not showing me My analysis because i cannot pay the cast

  14. I analyze my game using SCID as ChessGUI, Caissabase as my chess database and Stockfish as my analyzer engine.

  15. Sir, There is no download button in Android
    Please Help

  16. For some reason I have analysis available for my last 40 games out of nowhere. So there is a bug, which you can exploit, but I can't replicate

  17. If I have premium on my main acount can I review the same game on my alternate acount

  18. For those looking to download their games offline.
    I've got an edited version of a python program that does just that.
    If interested, comment and I'd leave the link to the source code.

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