Master Level Analysis of My Games at US Chess Open!!! | GM Naroditsky

00:00 Intro
00:09 The Setup
00:48 Analysis Game 1
55:20 Analysis Game 2

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  1. This analysis is so beautiful and amazing at the same time. Thank you Danny! I understood everything and could follow every idea. But coming up with all of this in limited time shows what level this is. So resourceful, what a spirit to fight on, going so deem and finding so many amazing ideas. And finally, drawing a -5 position at this level – simply WOW. Enjoyed this one so much!

  2. fascinating games, thanks for breaking them down, and congrats on your wins!

  3. "Analyzing with an engine, I realized what a fool I am" – this is why I don't analyze my games

  4. Fantastic video, and I would love to see you analyze more of your recent classical games in the future. Getting to hear the narrative and see the things you're thinking about makes for great content, more so when it's a longer time format where you had time to really process the positions.

  5. “I completely forgot g6”, we are same man. Danny in 9 move long calculation, me looking at the board.

  6. “He’s playing like a 2700 honestly”
    -Me when my opponent declines Jerome gambit

  7. Honestly, your calculation ability and defensive resources are very impressive! I couldn't have found those moves if my life depended on it. LOL

  8. Insane analysis :O
    Really shows the difference between GMs and the rest

  9. if I had to come up with a reason for Rd4 or Rc4 would be that the d file is further away from the b pawn. I tried coming up with a reason for Rc4 but I had to refute myself.
    I think maybe you went too far back (to Ka4 instead of Kc4)

  10. 41:05 Black actually CAN play f4, in fact it's the only winning move. White can't take it, because Rxf4 is followed by Kc5. (threat of mate in 1 so the rook is frozen)

    Edit: I wrote that before I saw the same idea later.

  11. This whole video I assumed you lost the match, and it turns out you drew, I'm so relieved

  12. 49:45 i am so proud of catching f4 there, i cant imagine i wouldve in a game or without being promoted that there was some very compelling move here, but still

  13. Looks like a very nice room; equal 5th good result, I think. Fewer familiar names than there once were (for me ofc). Wow, really makes me want to play a few long games in the Sicilian versus players around my strength. Hope you enjoyed the tournament.

  14. That was so informative wow, love the amount of effort you put into this kind of content man. Cheers!

  15. I was brought to chess by a different person but now I am addicted to watching every video of Danya

  16. Distuebing is the word indeed… I have felt that. 😖

  17. Really cool having a look at some of your games Dan. Great save , keeping practical chances alive nice ! I also like the relaxed atmosphere of doing game recaps after the completion of the tournament. Great result to boot !

  18. The fact that you made me able to understand the whole analysis and that you made such a difficult game entertaining enough for me to watch it for a whole hour speaks volumes about why every single chess enjoyer should watch your content. I'm amazed. This might be the best chess video I've ever seen, and god knows how much I watch youtube chess

  19. thanks so much for sharing this with us! we learn a lot, not only from your chess but also from your attitude, honesty and perspective.

    good master is always a learner!

  20. Because whites king is on the queens rook file and blacks passed pawn is a kings rook pawn my initial reaction is black uses his rook to cut the king off and just brings his king around and wins at his leisure white is playing down a king

  21. I had to re-watch without ad-blocker and I also subscribed simply because this the kind of high quality content that you won't be able find easily in YouTube.

  22. You should start a series called "Danya after Dark" where you don't censor yourself in any way

  23. great video, thank you for showing your view on the game. Amazing content

  24. Your way of explaining things is very reminiscent of IM Josh Waitzkin in the Ubisoft Chessmaster Grandmaster edition game. I hope you could do your own version of that game with all the updates. I like your explanation and I hope you could profit from your knowledge in teaching chess.

  25. As always thanks for the best chess content on YouTube! You are the man

  26. I will never understand why u don't have a million subs

  27. Love your content. I don't know why you guys feel the need to put your analysis right away. Don't know if it was because Gotham does it that way. I would enjoy a series after the tournament where you tell a story, literally a "tournament arc."

    You guys should relax, enjoy your games, and afterward tell a good story, teaching us a bit of chess along the way.

  28. Thanks again Danya! I'm a bit slow at following chess games (in multiple meanings…) but your commentary makes it so interesting!

  29. This was one of the best chess analysis I’ve ever seen

  30. Yoh this is crazy complex! I only think like 3 lines in when I play… Lol

  31. What a great video. Thought I would watch 10-15 minutes but ended up watching the whole thing! The giga chad pawn killed me.

  32. Thanks for the instructive Rook endgame!

  33. this is amazing content!

  34. man I love this content, you absolutely rock! you seemed tired so I applaud extra hard for your effort

  35. I feel like I just don't see certain moves too often. How do you try to minimize this?

  36. It makes me feel really good knowing that even GMs struggle with "drawn" rook endgames. Endgames are just so dang complicated if there's even a slight positional imbalance.

  37. So happy I decided to go look at this even though I’m a beginner. It’s way above me but the basic idea of being resilient and continuing to concentrate in spite of mistakes and losing positions can pay off, even at a much higher level of play.

  38. 47:40
    For every position it's either a win or a draw. The -2 is an estimate, the position however is only win-lose-draw..

  39. That end game analysis was some of the best I've ever seen

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