May HAWAK ng GUINESS World Record as Blindfold KING, Nakaharap si Magnus sa World Rapid Chess 2023!

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  1. Coach yung laban nila ni fabi lost Queen na si magnus dun agains fabi nanalo pa xia kalaban nya c fabi.😅😅 😊

  2. Magnus ❤🎉 sana Marami papo kayo ma analyze na game ni Magnus ❤

  3. Diba yan ang nakalaban ni gary kasparov si blindfold coach?

  4. si PRAGGI na yan cgurado sa TATA STEEL CHESS 2024

  5. Malakas kapag naka blindfold dahil hindi marunong ang kalaban😂

  6. Kaya ni Magnus ibreak yung guiness world record niya kung gugustuhin coach 😆😆


  8. Sana magkaron ng official blindfold chess tournament ang FIDE

  9. Kung cguro bulag kalaban nya malaking chance manalo 😂

  10. Coach bakit mas mabenta Ang Ruy Lupez opening sa Super GMs??

  11. Paki pasadahan ulit coach yung laro ni magnus na accurate pa sa computer engine😊

  12. Coach pa analyze naman po ng game ni Van Forest yung na mate sya in just 12 moves

  13. Hindi mo masasabing champion ka kung d mo nakalaban si magnus wesley at hikaru. . . Give chance to nepo na ba this year??? Anu sa tingin nyo. . .

  14. Naglalaro na si Alpha Zero at Stockfish

  15. nag simul din ako 100 players blindfolded, ayun wala akong pinanalo.

  16. Dapat kasi coach naka blindfold parin cya para malakas talaga 😅

  17. galing talaga magnusing coach ..hindi umobra si blind fold boy … .salamat coach😊

  18. I wish mother ni Miao2 pasok sa top 5 coach

  19. Repent for your sins and believe in the Lord Jesus now he is coming

  20. Coach kasali pala si ding pa silip din po laro nya

  21. Brod Coach, sino po ba top scorer buong mundo the past 5 years si Magnus ba or si Wesley So? thanks

  22. 10:29 pa si magnus yung kalaban niya 0:41 na lang. talo pa ang nag-premove sa bilis.

  23. Question, if mag laro si MIKHAIL TAL this Modern Chess? kya naya bang maka sabay sa mga ELITE Players ngayun?
    kasi mga nakikita ko ngayun pro positional

    Thanks in advance

  24. Maglaro sila blind fold sino kaya ang mananalo sa kanila😊

  25. Malakas sa blindfold. Malakas din sexual harassment niyan ni GM Gareyev. Nasuspend siya for quite some time sa US Chess Federation dahil dun.

  26. Coach Nava kayo po kaya niyo kaya sa Face to Face si Magnus Rapid po ?

  27. Coach, Kung Blindfold kaya Labanan nila, Maka isa kaya sya?

  28. Idol.. pa review naman po kahit isa lang yong mga laban ni DUJ… For sure maraming manonood idol…😅. Sana ma review

  29. let's invite magnus for kamatyas tournament – exhibition only

  30. Marunong pa yata yong 5yo na si Bince Rafael natin, kaysa kay Garyeb😊

  31. 2nd: 2022 WFRCC: Magnus, Hikaru & FIDE cheated Wesley So, who should've been 2020, 2022 & 2024 candidates wildcard because Wesley So won in classical games (45+15=60) while Hikaru won in rapid games (25+5+2.5=32.5min).


    That's the summary. The ff is the long version.

    2 questions

    Why isn't it unfair to Wesley So that FIDE lowered the WFRCC time controls from 60min in 2019 to 32.5min in 2022 ( w/o changing the name of course to 'rapid WFRCC'. if they change the name, then there's no problem ) considering the ff things?

    In the 2019 WFRCC, Hikaru & Magnus did better in 15+2=17min games than 60min games. Wesley So did better in vice-versa.

    – (0min,10min) = blitz
    – [10min,60min) = rapid
    – [60min,120min) = classical but unrated for 2200+ players.
    – [120min,infinity) = classical

    Hence, Wesley So should be the CLASSICAL WFRCC and then Hikaru is the rapid WFRCC.

    Wesley So beat Magnus 3x CLASSICAL games in a row HUMAN VS HUMAN, no computer prep!

    The last time this happened was Vishy Anand vs Alexei Shirov in 2000 FIDE classical WCC! (Not to be confused w/ 2000 PCA classical WCC where Garry cheated Alexei.)

    Yet for some reason FIDE insists that both 32.5min & 60min are 'slow rapid' while 17min is 'fast rapid'. They didn't even define these terms.

    Check out the maths here:

    I see only 2 reasonable definitions for slow & fast rapid.

    -Def1 – Slow rapid means unrated classical [60,120) & fast rapid is rapid [10,60).

    This means:
    – There's no classical WFRCC.
    – Wesley So is slow rapid WFRCC.
    – Hikaru is fast rapid WFRCC.
    – Hence, Hikaru is NOT a successor of Wesley So.

    -Def2 – Fast rapid & slow rapid cut up rapid [10,60) into resp [10,35) and [35,60).

    2 issues here:
    – 60min is not in either of these intervals.
    – Also, 32.5 is in [10,35).
    So neither 60 nor 32.5 are slow rapid. Lol.

    This means:
    – There's no slow rapid WFRCC.
    – Wesley So is classical WFRCC.
    – Hikaru is rapid WFRCC, specifically fast rapid WFRCC.
    – Hence, again, Hikaru is NOT a successor of Wesley So.

    – Def3 – The definitions must be: Since 15+2=17 is fast rapid, we must have
    – [10,X) fast rapid &
    – [X,120) slow rapid, for some

    17 < X < 32.5.

    Like say X is some arbitrary number like X=20 or X=30. Lol yeah right!!

    I believe the 2022 WFRCC was a conspiracy to get Hikaru / Magnus to win in parallel w/ the Hans Niemann situation. Think about this:

    – Magnus quits the 2022 Sinquefield Cup. 1 day later, Hans Niemann, an American rival of Magnus, is harmed in another tournament, the 2022 CGC in that Hans is removed!

    – Magnus quits the 2023 WCC. 1 month later, Wesley So, an American rival of Magnus, is harmed in another tournament, the 2022 WFRCC in that the time controls are reduced w/o changing the name!

    I hardly believe this is a coincidence. I bet Magnus even directed (or conspired w/) FIDE to remove (and hence cheat) Sergey (not American but still Jewish like Hans & Bobby) from the 2022 candidates. Sergey's replacement Liren even cited the ff as role models: Magnus, Garry & Veselin instead of Wesley, Bobby & Vlad ( as described in FlNsFKeq-iE ).

    Of course there's no conspiracy at all if FIDE just says

    'Ok Wesley So is classical WFRCC & Hikaru is rapid WFRCC. Sorry for the confusion!'

    For chess:
    The ability to play chess is the sign of a gentleman. The ability to play chess well is the sign of a wasted life.

    For 9LX:
    The ability to play 9LX is the sign of a gentleman or a lady. The ability to play 9LX well is the sign that you're not Magnus Carlsen. LOL!!!!

    Consequently, why shouldn't Wesley So have been a wildcard in 2020, 2022 or 2024 candidates as the 2019 WFRCC winner considering
    -Fabi was a wildcard in the 2019 WFRCC quarter-finals as the 2018 WCC runner-up, not by FRC virtue
    -Hikaru & Magnus were 2019 WFRCC quarter & semi-finals wildcards, by FRC virtue for the 2018 unofficial WFRCC but lol the 2018 game itself was obviously for chess virtue


    Well I suppose there's that being good at chess means you'll be good at 9LX but not vice-versa (unless you're Magnus lol)…

    Wesley So on Lex Fridman

    Interview while imprisoned

    Pablo Mercado: So what is your advice to the Filipino chess players?

    Uncle Bobby Fischer: My advice is to give up chess and take up Fischer Random.

    – 2004Oct11, 15 years before nephew Wesley So became the inaugural WFRCC in CLASSICAL time controls.

  32. Game suggestion:
    Hikaru's (the rapid WFRCC) wife almost beat Wesley So's (the classical WFRCC) girlfriend!

    2023 USCC – Indeed Carissa Yip won and thanked Wesley So as her secret second in the 2023 USCC closing ceremony speech.

    But in Carissa vs Atousa, Carissa was losing most of the game. Atousa just blundered in the end.

    Please consider reviewing this game and in particular spreading the rumour that Carissa Yip is dating Wesley So based on Carissa's X header – it's a photo of just Carissa & Wesley (& Leinier & Melik).

    move 54 for black is an 8-move equality puzzle

    it's so sharp

    [Variant "From Position"]

    [FEN "1Q5k/3r1rn1/p3N3/Pp1p2P1/1q2p3/1B2R2P/5P2/6K1 b"]

    1… Kh7 2. g6+ Kxg6 3. Rg3+ Kf6 4. Nxg7 Rxg7 5. Qf4+ Ke6 6. Qh6+ Kf5 7. Rxg7 Rxg7+ 8. Qxg7 Qxb3

    Hans Niemann = next Bobby Fischer

    – Wesley So = current Bobby Fischer

    – Bobby Fischer's ghost = old Bobby Fischer

    – Beth Harmon = Bobby Fischer in another universe

    Each of these 4 'is a prodigy, had a rather dark childhood and is American'.



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