Millennium ChessGenius Chess Computer review and analysis

A demonstration how it works and an analysis how strong it plays.


  1. It's such a nice and strong computer I think, but it is too ugly to buy. So cheap looking

  2. very good video. novel way to review a chess computer

  3. Thanks for your review, but also the way you reviewed it.

  4. I am really disappointed that the boards are not sticking the smaller LCD readouts – that only displayed text. The text is much easier to read and the LCD density seems more resistance to outdoor light. The LCD display and the tiny thin lines used to depict the pieces on a board layout is not so easy to read and prone to fade a lot sooner than the former implementation of lcd readouts. Does that make sense? Another way to say it, is that the pixel density of the display unit makes the text looks very thin and I wonder how restrictive that would be when playing outdoors and or for general viewing; especially for those of us using reading glasses.

  5. What are the estimated ratings for the 'fun modes in elo?

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