Millennium Exclusive Position Setup/analysis – MUST-SEE bonus secret chess history lesson!!

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  1. Having picked up a chess elements myself, i find the quick start manual lacking. You have a much larger knowledge base than myself, and i assume others whose have them as well, and i was wondering If you could show the different functions of the elements by Millennium. I.E. the Analysis tab, 2play tab, hint, move, etc…. I think that it would be A wonderful tutorial. Using an IPad and Hiarcs is easy, and with a book, some times in my opinion a cop out.Thanks….Cat

  2. Pieces recognition is a great feature! I just guess if "chip" inside pieces stop working sometimes in the future, in that case I think will be difficult to find a new piece. Anyway great board!

  3. I was hoping that price will drop for this board as new ones are coming out. But no. They know it is still one of the best boards.

  4. Thanks so much for aquatinting us with this book. I managed to find a copy and it’s probably the best game collection in my chess library. Just for fun I entered one of the games manually into my chess database and compared the position toward the end with the illustration in the book. Was somewhat surprised I made no errors with the descriptive notation. 🙂 Thanks again for doing these videos.

  5. Is there an easy way to analyze with a computer? For example board connected to Hiarcs and you set up a position on the board and send it back to hiarcs to analize it. OK, there is a 300MHz ARM processor "power" in the board, but nowadays easy to find a monster computing power compared to this built in engine.

  6. Thank you for this. Do you have a video on setting up a position then actually finishing the game against the computer?

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