More FFA 4-player chess heartbreak (with SALTY post-game analysis)

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  1. Would like to see engines play this, and evaluation

  2. It's not fair. They teamed up against you. Please Hammer, don't hurt them.

  3. 19:00 Exactly how I feel when watching FFA games even at their best. 1550-1600 isn't exactly the best in the world (but top 200 usually) but even some the World FFA Championship Candidates I have selected still miss game-winning checkmates and important game-saving double-checks and lose sight of the scoreboard in FFA games I watch. Great analysis, Hammer!
    By the way, for those wondering about the Teams Championship , Hammer recorded before there was an update in the Championship schedule, so this Sunday, 13:00 CST/19:00 GMT and Monday 13:00 CST/19:00 GMT, the finalists will be playing 2 games each day. 4-2 Valger and Oleg_Baranstev so far. First to 6.5 wins.

  4. What?? Hammer got last?? What a surprise! Im being sarcastic of course. His early game is trying way too hard to be sophisticated but if the other players pounce, you have no counterplay. Which is a concept i'm shocked he hasnt internalized this yet.

  5. It was an WTA game. No reason to fight for the second place, since the winner takes all points.

  6. We need to get engines playing four player chess

  7. 11.59 Blue could indeed take your rook for free, but it would also give yellow the checkmate. Not sure blue considered that since he said "I spared your rook", but then again he could also just say that to make you more friendly towards him.

  8. 19:20 "Red is just focused on getting a new queen" YES. This is why FFA is frustrating. As Luke stated, even at the top level, FFA players are generally much less skilled than teams players. This is why I prefer teams, personally.

  9. I love Hammer's criticism of his opponents when he's in the worst position of the four. This just wasn't your game Hammer, but you definitely made it entertaining

  10. I really enjoy your humility while playing this game.

  11. It's the geometry of the game to further understand the moves they make. It's better to team up with the guy across from you cause if that guy is gone it would be very easy for the 2 guys on the side to team up on you. If you take a look at it and (learn 2 player chess) then you would see how valuable teaming up is and way stronger then even having 3 queens. Very interesting how the geometry of the game makes the other players more valuable then even the queen. For example one check can make a guy with 4 queens crumble down to 0.

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