My Only Game vs. Magnus Carlsen

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GothamChess vs. Magnus Carlsen. Yep.

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  1. Really a Legendary Game for Levy and Magnus!

  2. Magnus best move to just move the bishop back lol yeah you think i reckon at this point with the melancholy commentary thought of guess the outcome to playing MC

  3. So bad L amagine losing to Magnus couldn’t be me

  4. so bad L young boys better get better L

  5. It’s funny that most people take every game serious. Mean while Magnus was probably distracted most of the game not focusing or caring an still managed to draw it out an almost win lol.

  6. Magnus make mistakes an doesn’t stress, casual tuesday game for him.

  7. Interesting to see the more subdued version of Gotham without the "Ladies and gentlemen" at the beginning, or the "get out of here" at the end…or the cackling and booming at tense points in the game

  8. Crazy part is he drawed against magnus, and, had winning chances

  9. I like the thumbnail
    Magnus: Handsome, got a good pose, has good lighting and camera angels
    Levy: Levy, he is standing🗿🗿🗿

  10. I will admit my brain was smoking at a few points here…

  11. 8:40 isnt this a win? you win here dont you? you move one of the rooks up and the king cannot move?

  12. The day I almost beat Magnus but I got too excited 😅😅😅

  13. I just love the fact that the best chess player ever has the username “drdrunkenstein”

  14. Lol I love that you think magnus even tried ,he was drunk and not even focusing which is what he does most of the time

  15. I never lost against carlsen 😎
    I don't play with him 😂

  16. Be ashamed Poch, we should be winning we are worth well over 1 billion pounds. There is no excuse for our loses. The process is hurting us

  17. I think Levy did really well here…the psychological factor is immense for sure…

  18. Such a fantastic match theres just so many slick tricks and like puzzle to all of this

  19. What's worse losing on time or losing via checkmate?

  20. So kind of Levy to play against his biggest fan

  21. I never lost against magnus carlson because i've never played him😂

  22. Imagine your play a game against magnus and he flags you💀

  23. To play Magnus Carlsen and NOT get hammered by him is a MAJOR accomplishment! Hats off to you, GothamChess!

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