Nakamura Against His Nemesis Magnus Carlsen | Game Analysis

See my German analysis from 2014 of the game here:

Hikaru Nakamura faced World Champion Magnus Carlsen in the third round of the Zurich Chess Challenge 2014. Nakamura played the ambitious 4.f3 move against the Nimzo-Indian employed by Carlsen. Soon, Nakamura had a nice space advantage and harmonious piece play. When opposite castles appeared on the board, it was clear that both Nakamura and Carlsen would try to find their hail in the attack. Which attack would be more promising?

Here’s the tweet of Nakamura calling Carlsen the “Sauron of chess”:

You can play through the game here:

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Thanks to Lennart Ootes for letting me use his fabulous pictures!

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  1. Moin Niclas, I like the new Analysis Videos but I miss the old serious "Unglaubliche Züge" I would really appreciate if this serious would come back.

  2. please play against somebody from the "chessbrahs"

  3. “Carlson is the Sauron of chess” — That’s good!

  4. 14:50 — “white advances the h pawn and at this point is clearly better.” I can agree that white looks better, but at my low chess rating I don’t see it as clearly better. Can you elaborate?

  5. Great video! Your analysis is always excellent, thanks very much!!

  6. #suggestion
    Regarding youtubeblitz you may have a match with Kevin Bordi alias "Blitzstream" active French youtuber having very good results in Arena king and titled Tuesday tournaments on against famous GM (rated around 2500 in blitz i think).
    It should a nice fight and a good promotion for his chess channel. Very funny and king guy. Sure he will be delighted to meet you.
    Thank you for your channel from French fan.

  7. How do you think about playing the Chess-Youtuber Shazzar?

  8. Ich bin manchmal sehr froh über die Pausenfunktion. Du bist mir etwas zu schnell manchmal.

  9. On the last few videos there has been an audio balance issue, the left side is quite a bit louder than the right side.
    As I listen to those videos with earbuds it's quite annoying.

    Otherwise I love the videos!

  10. Please play a rival match against The GingerGM .

  11. Looking forward to watching you compete against Simon and John!

  12. To be true chess teaching is a skill. Most of the peoples watch your videos to improve their chess. But you guys just only do videos which is only suitable for above avarage players. Won't help bigginers I guess.

  13. 8:19 Why not just Knight f5 to e7 then Queen h3 to c8 checkmate. White wins.

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