Niemann’s Suspicious “Flawless Victory” Analyzed (100% Engine Correlation?)

This is Hans Niemann’s suspicious “Flawless Victory” vs Hjorvar Steinn Gretarsson analyzed. This was played in April 2022. Niemann is caught up in the cheating scandal with Magnus Carlsen and so all of his old games are being analyzed per Yosha’s analysis with gambit-man

Podcast with Fabi and Cristian analyzing this game:

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  1. There are ways to assess his true strength. Give him a very complex mid game position for analysis. Give him 30 minutes then hear what he says about the position. Compare with what other top players have to say. I think the charade would fall apart immediately. But i also bet: he would never agree to this test!

  2. Hans has mastered the art of tempo, dewa kipas style 😆

  3. These flawless victories by Hans is like when Barry Bonds hit 73 home runs in a season obliterating the prior record and when he destroyed the career home run record with 767 — of course it came out that he was using steroids heavily — Hans is also cheating, using some sort of device to communicate STOCKFISH moves — these 97 percent and 100 percent accuracy games are pure cheating — totally bogus — a WHISTLE BLOWER will come forward! Hope Elon Musk offers a huge reward for someone to come forward and spill the beans —

  4. although he may not portray your ideal integral human being, there is no PROOF he has cheated, just sheer speculation. therefore, do not drag this kid's name through the mud when it is only predicted that he has cheated

  5. Gary Kasperov has already weighed in on the Magnus match and said there is ZERO evidence he cheated.
    I think i'm gonna listen to Kasperov about all thinks chest over you try-hards.

  6. Just read about a cheater in Poker, in Vegas. Woman allegedly had a "hidden vibrating device" on her to signal moves. After being accused, she immediately returned the winnings, which just seems like an admission of guilt. These things can and do happen. its not conjecture.

  7. I support your innocent until proven guilty stance 💯

  8. Okay now these games are indeed amazing.
    He is either destined for Elo 2800+ very soon or a lifetime banned.

  9. Hans strikes me as someone who would try to memorize engine moves before a game. That might be why there are red flags, like the disconnect with his knowledge and his gameplay. I propose he might just be memorizing positions and the engine's top moves.

    An analogy would be in math where instead of learning the formulas you memorize the answers.

  10. Until some actual proof is uncovered, it's fair to assume Hans is simply better prepared for some positions, probably memorizing positions that are top engine moves and transposing into winning ideas. Hikaru does the same thing, but gets a pass because he's got a clean record.

  11. Honestly, most of what I saw here is just really good preparation and technique that he may have even honed while studying similar endgame positions to prepare for an endgame that Hans clearly was aiming for.

  12. Legend has it that Hans grows stronger everytime Magnus gets afraid..

  13. It’s funny because one could analyze Alpha zero versus Stockfish in the exact same way. All the moves make sense, so are we to believe as long as a move can be understood afterwards it must be human.

  14. If I were Hans and had admitted to cheating in the past, online, I think I would have realized that there's nothing to be gained by continuing that practice, except hollow victories.

  15. If I were Hans, I will be taking pictures and selfies at various locations and tournament venues and littering the social media with them. Gathering so many followers. It's obvious he is the man of the moment.

  16. He ended 4th in the tournament. Could it be that he just lacks consistency. And that this particular game simply shows how good he CAN be, and, so, on occasions simply IS . I am not particularly thrilled by the conspiracy buzz.

  17. Hans is using special contact lenses that can receive images.

  18. if he's been using some kind of device to help him, we should be able to spot something in his body language, knowing that it's probably used only before for some moves,the ones that are hard to explain.

  19. Either Hans is the GOAT or there is something fishy. There can't be such a huge difference between Hans and the others.

  20. At 7:43, can't you just go rook takes h6. Black has to take with pawn, then you just take with another rook. King can go only to g7 and you mate him with dark square bishop. It's a forced mate, no?

  21. I'm certainly no more interested in any game fron Hans/engine and would like to hear about games from others…

  22. Dude left the competition because he doesn't want to lose any points.
    Immature world champion behavior. Might as well call his mom and ask for milk. Arrogant player

  23. Followed all of this YES , I would say Hans being younger and playing with a new school approach played many ,many games against engines with Analysis On using take back measures for errors and repeating the game. Hence giving him insights to Best moves even though not knowing the lines but then reading them after the fact. Being a abouve 2500 player With this approach would catch and fair well to win some big games. But you'll never be A WORLD CHAMP with this approach.

    Again the Pool of players involved sets the ranking system, arbitrarly making it all dependent apon the depth level and skills of the players involved.

  24. I have noticed that in almost all of Hans's tournaments he wears a watch, I think you are generally not allowed to have a watch on your wrist. Why wear it then?

  25. Fantastic from hans, and good commentary thanks

  26. They call him Hans Samson Niemann…his strength is in his hair.

  27. The percentages are dropping…

    (1202) Niemann,Hans Moke (2637) – Gretarsson,Hj (2542) [B47]

    Kvika Reykjavik Open 2022 Reykjavik ISL (5.4), 09.04.2022
    [Chessbase,Let's Check]

    [Engine/Game Correlation: White = 85%, Black = 53%.]

  28. recently nothing interests me but Hans’ games – no Fischer, Tal, Morphy nor Magnus, only Hans.. weird, but these analyses are much appreciated😊

  29. Not a win for black, but certainly an exciting Kingwalk.

  30. Disliking this, because Hans played well. And your video description 100% engine correlation is absolute BS.

  31. A brilliant game for sure, but still doesn't prove any cheating. The fact he only came fourth in this tournament, and if I recall, he finished in the bottom half of Saint Louis where he beat Magnus with black, would seem to refute cheating allegations. Why only cheat in one game (against a largely unknown player here) and finish so far from the top of the tournament? Yes, he has cheated in the past, and he admitted it. But for the lack of evidence, I see Hans Niemann as an inconsistent player who is capable of flashes of brilliance, but also plays pedestrian games.

  32. I do not understand what a big buzz about Hans is. In fact, if a player got caught cheating at least once, regardless where it happened, he should be prohibited from playing in any competition, no matter how insignificant it is.. It is that simple. No further invastigation is needed. I trust Magnus, bc he defended his title 5 times.

  33. Recently all of Hans great games are appearting due to magnus monthly periond tantrums. Yes he successfully cyber bullied Hans through his thousand of minions including his business partner chesscom but magnus will never be forgotten as a chess champion who has a tantrum just like anybody with a monthly period. He also likes to bully a younger player because the player played calmly and magnus wanted to see players afraid of him. He and his partner chesscom utilizes Hans previous cheating to justify his highness tantrum.

  34. when you showed the various lines from actual, the strategy was simple, and each step either gained Niemann more activity or adding a threat. so it's understandable in analysis but looking like he laid many pitfalls 4-5 moves down a line he must've had well-prepared beforehand

  35. I have no idea how to play chess and this is utterly fascinating

  36. This cheating stuff is destroying chess. Once you say a player cheated because he moves are so perfect, you are ignoring so many things. Maybe the player has seen those lines before…. For me, chess is losing the beauty that attracted me… Everyone is a cheater now, no matter his/her title! Everyone is a cheater!

  37. Dude is like the Anakin Skywalker of chess

  38. I could play like that with the aid of a computer too. Nothing special here.

  39. Take a young player with the raw talent of Morphy and let him train intensively against engines for several years and this what you get. The future of chess is very bright.

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