Niemann’s Suspicious “Flawless Victory” Analyzed (100% Engine Correlation?)

This is Hans Niemann’s suspicious “Flawless Victory” vs Hjorvar Steinn Gretarsson analyzed. This was played in April 2022. Niemann is caught up in the cheating scandal with Magnus Carlsen and so all of his old games are being analyzed per Yosha’s analysis with gambit-man

Podcast with Fabi and Cristian analyzing this game:

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  1. The actual suspicious nature is more than precision, Chess has documentation Hanns has other browser windows open during questionable performance.

  2. 4 months later…
    [Engine/Game Correlation: White = 80%, Black = 58%.]

  3. Amazing how "Hans" have 4-5-6 different tactics,sacks and attacks available at any point. Just perfect attack and defence at the same time without any chance for the opponent to ever gain any winning chance. Reminds me of a player i used to play..his name eludes me though but i will keep fishing my brain for the answer.

  4. why is it suspicious? he has no electronic equipment attatched to him; so, how is it cheating?

  5. well of course you cant cheat in every game. Nature's pocket would get all raw and sore.

  6. Hans is pretty butt-hurt about all of the cheating allegations. Thanks for you anal-ysis!

  7. quit hatin on the rockstar of chess big hans he won that fair and or square with nice hair

  8. But which engine? How many other GMs are sometimes achieving 100% by some engine along some standard or another? This is a statistically poor approach

  9. I have watched many Nieman games i see nothing different than what I might play except I would lose end game cos I hate them….maybe they should have a rematch 3 games

  10. You come off as quite biased. It seems like you think Hans is innocent and at least from the videos I’ve seen from you so far , your argument seems to be “the moves makes sense to me”. If someone with a higher rating says it’s fishy and you say it just makes sense.. who do you think we should listen to? But perhaps you are right , maybe this means you actually should be there up in rating with Hans.

  11. Maybe you do not listen too well. Your viewer HORE! I have already shown your 100% scores without checking for yourself with Let's Check that your information is correct is false in most cases.. And you are not correct again and you do it again. Here is the true score of the game with Let's Check. {Engine/Game Correlation: White = 84%, Black = 52%.}

    [Event "Kvika Reykjavik Open"]

    [Site "Reykjavik ISL"]

    [Date "2022.04.09"]

    [Round "5.4"]

    [White "Hans Moke Niemann"]

    [Black "Hjorvar Steinn Gretarsson"]

    [Result "1-0"]

    [ECO "B47"]

    [WhiteElo "2637"]

    [BlackElo "2542"]

    [PlyCount "73"]

    [EventDate "2022.04.06"]

    {Engine/Game Correlation: White = 84%, Black = 52%.}

    Anyone who has Chessbase 16 and a current Mega base will known this video is false. GM Hans Niemann played a FLAWLESS VICORTY is TOTAL BS!

  12. I don't know if it's possible to find the amount of time used in between each move by Hans. But it will help in terms of context if that data exists.
    That was also a salient point in Magnus' statement.

  13. If he kept winning tournaments while cheating, don't you think he will be drawing too much attention to himself and risk exposure to his games?

  14. Even if Hans was cheating every move this game, that still does not prove that he cheated against Magnus. Only evidence that he cheated against Magnus in that one specific game should be relevant for Magnus to complain. Imagine losing to someone that usually cheats but didn't cheat against you.

  15. loving the use of suggestion via the use of fake question marks. straight out of the fox news handbook of manipulative language.

  16. Niemann has obviously been watching the way Stockfish 15 and especially Alphazero play with these swinging rooks and push/pull moves….also, he is only beating a mid-2500 GM of which there are a lot around….

  17. I can't see anything suspicious in Han's game. In any case so far Hens has stolen the limelight from all his peers in terms of publicity and perhaps popularity.

  18. Great vid again and imho great analysis (please post my cheque to usual address and please sign it this time or no more positive reviews 😁) I'm pleased you are keeping up the unbiased (imo) reporting. I guess there must be some temptation when growing a channel to go the 'bandwagon, clickbait, disingenuous' route. Lord knows 'other' streamers, already established, have happily gone that way. Anyway, I admire your integrity.

    Just to add, if your opponent castles short, with an open H file, you have your rooks on the board and you have a bishop pair with open lines to their king, you are almost being invited to score 100%…to be more 'scientific' ..position complexity and/or possible game pathways, have to be taken into account when analysing move selection and opponent inaccuracy can be a major factor in contributing to 'subject' accuracy.

  19. Everything about the Niemann saga is fascinating, not for what it tells us about cheating at chess, but for what it tells us about the human psyche. People who know nothing suddenly become experts, and come up with a million bullshit theories. The verdict of the acknowledged expert on the subject is discounted, because he thinks that Niemann is innocent. Epic Chess is called out too, for keeping an open mind. Does he not know that this is impossible? You are either for these nutjobs, or you are against them.

  20. he obviously never cheated OTB. this is obvious. we need to stop this

  21. I’d like to see you showing in your videos actual analysis: stockfish top lines (maybe 5 of them), eval bar. The way as it is now it’s really hard to understand if the move is really that good.
    Also, I want to note that saying ‘this move does make sense’ after seeing the actual move is not an argument. It’s easy to solve a tricky problem once you know the trick.

  22. Just stop. It doesn't matter. What matters is how his games COMPARE TO OTHER PEOPLE. Stop being an ape. Use the SAME method on all the gm and see if there's something suspicious.

  23. It sort of looks like he tries to keep his pieces centralized

  24. It seems to me he didn't make any mistake. Maybe he's been playing with stockfish for a long time, as he says, that's why he plays like an engine…. maybe.

  25. Magnus never said Hans would be cheating based on engine correlation. Poor approach to imply MC is wrong based on your "analysis". As many super GMs pointed out, just to habe the information of a swing in engine evaluation would be a huge advantage. You do not need the actual moves.

  26. Hans is the greatest chess player of all time or a cheater. one is more likely than the other

  27. Another great game by stockfish. 100% as always.

  28. Interesting how these games are stated to be 100% when they clearly are not. With "not a common move" and "a variety of well known tactics" are we assuming all games from all GMs are… cheating?

    Whatever algorithm is gathering all engines and determining 100% across all of them is a waste of time.

  29. The best players in the world knows whats up.

  30. Until smoking gun evidence comes out, Hans is innocent. Cheers mate.

  31. For someone cheating and supposedly playing dozens of 100% games, his results aren't that amazing.

  32. There are so many different possible approaches to cheating, that it's difficult to predict HOW someone might go about it. I don't think it's fair to say that someone did not do a good job of cheating, because they didn't win the tournament. There are many reasons why someone might NOT want to cheat their way to a win. First, you can't afford to win 100% of your games or 100% of your tournaments, otherwise everyone will know you are cheating. So you can only safely cheat in a certain percentage of your games.

  33. No way in endgame you can be 100% accurate like this unless u ate fish before

  34. Awesome game from Hans ! – the only game in the Tournament he must of used an engine 🤣…..some people are so stupid with these accusations^^.

  35. Magnus after 1 month of intense evidence gathering, " hans didnt look tense enough when he beat me, therefore he cheated!! " 😭😭

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