Open H File Attack w/the London System | Beginner Chess Analysis Series

Fellow beginners, feast your eyes on a quick and easy attack sequence using the open H File in the London System during a bullet chess match. Follow me on Twitch –

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  1. I play elo 776 on bullet and they are never this bad. Literally no mistakes, ever. Bullet, blitz, 10min, no mistakes like this. They are directly offensive, and always have me in check and whoop me even though I always try the London system to the t and the Sicilian defense dragon to the t. They break through everything. Obviously not everyone but 90% of them. If I saw an elo 700 make the same bishop blunder your 1100 player did.. I would simply stop. Pause the game and resign due to how shocked I'd be for such a mistake. It'd be horrible. I'd probably stop playing chess.My question, does it get easier as you get out of the low ranks? Like, are players simply beginners instead of smurfs at that point? I player an elo 400 in a tournament and he didn't make one innacuracry. I was crying the whole game. I read the moves, I study, I practice. Please give me mental support lmao

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