PAINFUL 600 Elo Chess Match

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  1. why don't I get these 600s in my games? In my games, the 600ds play like GMs

  2. I am 800 in blitz and I was randomly playing a blitz game, I won by resignation
    after I checked the game review, I saw that the accuracy was nuts, it was also the game that I got my first brilliant move

  3. I am smooth brained at chess and I think I'm only maybe slightly better than these folks

  4. “Kids he drank a lot of water then he tripped 🤣”

  5. I ACTUALLY GUESSED PAWN H4 AT 3:11 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. Where are these players in my 600 matches? All I get is Magnuses and Anands.

  7. That was like, over the top Painful, I was like, HOW THE HECK!!!

  8. Bro hows that 600 elo i legit saw better games at 300 elo and i am 500-600 elo all the time but i dont make THAT horrible mistakes

  9. So proud that I guessed h4 in the beginning

  10. 10:36 You can also win a Queen if you find the right moves
    / a fellow 500-rated GM

  11. Ahem, from 2:55, there are 24 legal pawn moves? This is the kind of mistake we sub-800s make.

  12. as someone who used to be 800 and is now 300 this hurts (I don’t do stupid stuff like this but I do other stupid stuff)

  13. The 600 elos I play with are like magnus

  14. 10:12 isn't the best move knight to e4 as it's discovered check and attacks the queen just winning white's queen?

  15. How do you get gm with 600 or 500 elo??

  16. In my next video I play a literally baby. 'oh wow he's playing better moves than I expected. Oh here's how you beat him. Ok next segment. Time to simp for magnus

  17. 10:13 i would say the best move is Nd3+ because this attacks the queen yet gives double check with bishop so king gotta move and free queen for black

  18. 6:03 also queen to d5 is a possibility because it prevents the attack on your queen by the knight and it also does the same as he said in the video

  19. as a 600 i play better than these but i still lose🤓

  20. I am in 600 elo. I don't get these kind of players. I get freaking Magnus Hikaru Vishy Gujrati

  21. 10:14 why not nd3? it’s a double check and you win the queen compared to a rook

  22. Man people aren't that dumb at 600 rated
    These are noobs or my opponents use bots

  23. You missed black's night going to E4

  24. My brain started to hurt in the middle of this.

  25. I play way better then tem but I am not able to reach 300 elo

  26. As a 300 elo chess player…I can finally say that I am smarter than a 600 elo chess player.

  27. 5:30 I can attest to this move of rook B8 being to evade the fork. Every goddamn time I see an incoming knight threatening a fork I panic & move the rook instantly without thinking. Of course the queen can just capture the incoming knight while still guarding the pawn on the diagonal but, this is our low chess brains @ work.

  28. gg Why am I 600 and i don't see opponents like them

  29. 10:12 Wouldn’t knight to e4 be better? You get a discovered check and then you can take the queen with your knight when it’s your turn

  30. I can't believe I actually guessed the move h4

  31. No joke I found h4 first try by guess

  32. 7:34 For anyone curious about the exact number of times that White moved the queen in the first 13 moves, it's six.

  33. Dude you are hilarious. I love watching these and pretending i don’t/wouldn’t make half of those mistakes 😅

  34. What does that GM thing mean by their names? Grandmaster?

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