Peter Svidler analyses Anand – Kramnik, Norway Chess 2017 Round 2

Replay the game on an interactive board with computer analysis:

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  1. Peter, my compliments. I enjoy your game analyses very much. Thank you!

  2. I think anand just wanted to get out of that dull position and convinced himself that change of structure will be good

  3. wtf you said altibox just like a norwegian would have. Impressed.

  4. peter should make the russian videos and jan the engrish ones because there are more ruskies than alemani

  5. following your valuable classes Mr. Svidler. Enjoying Kind of Bc5 structures in Ruy Lopez….See you next round

  6. such an honor to have Jan and Peter's notes.

  7. I'd have to disagree with him saying the h4 move isn't so obvious. Clearly, I don't see as much as he does, but that is one thing I do see.

  8. H4 is good. But black can play G4 then h5 and although black's king is more open it's only slight advantage to white

  9. Петруха, дрель верни.

  10. 6.Nc3?! was not the best move. 6.c3 was the right move. After of the former one, Kramnik had not any problem to win this game. Look at how Kramnik domains the center after a few moves. The white knight on 'c3' square blocks the action of the center white pawns. So simple like that.

  11. "The machine, being the merciless beast that it is…"

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