Peter Svidler analyses Aronian – Carlsen, Norway Chess 2017

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  1. suoerb, always a luxury to have the super GM Svidler commenting, my favourite

  2. Well done, as always, Peter! Even when you're not at your best you still rock!

  3. really nice analisys, thanks Peter! And congrats to Levon of course, when he is in good shape he is capable to beat everybody

  4. Lev is surely a pure-blood positional wizard. Stunning!

  5. who is slow like me that he has to pause nearly at every move to understand or try at least what Pet is saying?

  6. Peter this is very fine analysis to have whipped up in such a short time! I have been a huge fan since seeing your coverage of the 2016 world championship match with Jan (and for a game at least the James Bond Toblerone) I actually find it refreshing when a strong grandmaster such as you two are can give such good human analysis and leave the engine out of it. I realize you used the machine at some point but I am refreshed that you don't fall back on "the engine says" ad infinitum. I also enjoy your reference to certain tactics as being geometric in nature. This facilitates my understanding especially in the situation with a piece in the enemy camp such as the Queen in this game. Sorry for the long winded comment but truly THANK YOU!!!

  7. Argh, my brain! I think I'll return to this analysis when I'm more advanced.

  8. I think this Aronian win vs. Carlsen may actually be bad, tournament-wise, for Aronian. It might reduce some of Aronian's adrenalin/motivation that will cause him to not win the tournament. Also, this doesn't quite pass the "brilliancy" test for me: Carlsen was able to equalize by move 30, but blundered with 31… e5 because of time trouble. A game qualifies as a "brilliancy" if the opponent is limited to a set of options and is forced to make a sequence of moves that loses the game.

  9. after dxe5 why can't black just move his knight?? Such as Ne8

  10. Peter is the most generous chess GM ever, who is with me ?

  11. What is the point of the early a6…? To play a kind of Meran?

  12. On video quality, it appears that this was recorded interlaced as we see jagged edges on Peter's hands during movement. Please record in Progressive (best for computer playback) instead of Interlaced which is a holdover from TV. This would improve the video quality immensely — or at least de-interlace the video prior to uploading to Youtube. Thanks.

  13. Hello, Thank you for the great Analysis.
    Is it possible for you to upload the analysis as a PGN?
    I think it would be interesting for a lot of people?

  14. Peter at18.35 should have noted that if Black tries Qa2 instead of e5 Bh7+ picks up the Q (in the analysis. Otherwise it is all good, if the lines come a bit fast…

  15. This was a brilliant analysis; incomparable to everything else I've seen.

  16. Very bad decision by Magnus to take a pawn in the opening. Lev is a well known theoretican and probably had the game all worked out at home. Magnus use to be very careful to not fall into theorytraps.

  17. what is the name of that chess program

  18. Thanks Peter for the clear presentation. We appreciate your time and love the way you promote the game of chess

  19. Thanks Peter. It's always a pleasure to watch your videos. Rest your voice now and I will follow you later !

  20. Was 10. Bc2 already a novelty? It's not in the chess24 database (which is by no means exhaustive, of course…)

  21. Very complicated game and great analysis by Svidler

  22. peters vocabulary isnt good enough for commentating

  23. Seriously can't stand that they use computer to analysis games instead of their own minds

  24. 1:42 Yes, very shoddy analysis Peter, please try to do better next time.

  25. A hyper-brilliant new variation of Aronian ," the a3 pawn trap of the black's queen " !

  26. Svidler
    Your English is monster. You make Jan sound like a пацан.

  27. i think going after the Q is a slow plan, Aronian made the right decision going after the K when he had the chance

  28. Good stuff Peter . Having looked at this with my engine Im constantly amazed at what the engine considers hold-able (no big deal) where as to a human player it looks close to lost.

  29. Always enjoy your insightful analysis. Thank you, Peter!

  30. Great analysis and commentary of this complex game!

  31. Haha!!! When Peter apologised I laughed out loud. He's great!

  32. Peter's command of the English language excites me!

  33. Thanks Peter, it's always great to see analyze games

  34. Peter svidler is the king of grunfeld defence

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