Peter Svidler analyses Carlsen – Grischuk, Norway Chess 2019

8-time Russian Champion Peter Svidler analyses the Altibox Norway Chess Round 3 game between World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen and Alexander Grischuk. Replay the game on an interactive board:

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  1. Peter is unsurpassed as a chess commentator.

  2. Always looking forward to your analysis

  3. Many thanks Peter & Chess24, last videos were excellent as always, looking forward to watching this one.

  4. Jan can't possibly be paying Peter enough for this. Peter you're a legend and a gentleman.👍

  5. These videos are really a treasure. Can you imagine getting such amazing, extended analysis from such a strong player for free online? It's just unbelievable! Thank you Jan and Peter!

  6. When I saw starting this Grünfeld I thought Tonight with Peter!

  7. I feel like theres some quote waiting to be said about magnus along the lines of:

    "The sooner Magnus is out book, the worse you're off."

  8. He has such a clean english. As a non native english speaker i can understand him much easier than many native speakers.

  9. This analysis was really good, I just Love Peter

  10. Always a pleasure to review a game with Peter Svidler. Love this guy.

  11. We live in the Golden Age of chess. The 80s/90s with the 2 Ks was pretty good from a chess sense, but to have so much MEGA high level content on a daily basis… I used to look forward to one Timman analysis in the next NiC, now you can just binge-watch Svidler, Grishuk and Carlsen.
    I love it! Thanks Peter and chess24!

  12. Thank you Peter for another insightful analysis of a complicated game.

  13. Always love the depth of analysis that Peter provides. He keeps it simple enough that mortals understand and can keep up but with enough depth that more advanced players don't get bored.

  14. Holy shit what a game. The position around 22:00 to 23:00 is just insane, love Grunfeld, love Mr. Svidler

  15. They might as well give Magnus the trophy at the opening ceremony. He just doesn't lose this year and even when he can't quite find the win he can still boost his confidence with a swift blitz annihilation and get almost all the points anyway.

  16. I couldn't stand the terrible accent. Why doesn't he do it in Spanish? I hope someone else will cover this game. It's really annoying to listen to. Without sound it is kind of meaningless, but much more pleasant.

  17. Good game vs Grichuk and propelled Magnus to the top! Nice for the champ. Good coverage too. Thx.

  18. Audio for this video and earlier is low I think. Anyway always a good analysis by PS

  19. Impressive game and impressive analysis

  20. Well, if it is obligatory it is obligatory.
    So thus you gotta cover it.
    I think most people, and you too, know you like to throw out completely unnecessary words but they gotta make sense Peter. Common now.

  21. Maybe 3/4 each for a classical draw and only 1/2 for the armagedon

  22. Peter, thank you so much for the extensive analysis of this Gruenfeld line! I play it myself with white and often get into trouble against really strong players. I knew you can't pass by the game where you favourite opening is somehow beaten 🙂

  23. Thanks for the great analysis. I would recommend keeping these reviews shorter. The many sidelines that according to engine looses more slowly are not really necessary. I think 10-15 min is optimal for a recap, max 20 minutes.

  24. 4:03 I don't quite get the implication. "And here Alexander surprised his opponent by playing b7-b5. A move that is extremely rare… recently played online by Christian Chirila, who is Fabiano Caruana's second. So you could make some inferences from that."
    I'm totally in the dark here. Is he implying that Caruana's team would pass on some prep lines to other players facing Carlsen? Or what would be the inference to be made?

  25. This is extremely disconcerting seeing Magnus be 100 points above Grischuk, Grischuk!!

  26. After watching this whole video I've come to the conclusion that Grischuk should have played a king's Indian .

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