Play Smarter Chess With Our NEW Game Review

Report Card–No not those kind, are coming to our new Game Review! We promise, unlike the ones you got in school these are actually helpful and will definitely improve your chess game.

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  1. How about you make it so I can analyse my games for free?

  2. am i the only one or almost feature said in this video was already available for me since the past 2months?

  3. When the coach shows what moves could have happened if I played a better move, it expected the opponent to blunder multiple times. In that game there wasn’t any blunders made, I feel that sometimes it inaccurately shows sequences of moves

  4. "Unlike the ones you get in School, these are Useful" , tf😕

  5. Bruh I got a triple fork and it said best move but then the opponent moved his king out of check and it was somehow better than a triple fork. You still have a lot to fix

  6. The fact that sam looks like a pawn
    …. (That's a joke)

  7. that feeling when you and your opponent get a performance rating of 100 elo
    at the 800 elo level

  8. I like the new Performance Rating feature the best. Lets me know how well I played in game compared to my opponent.

  9. Pls. Update the app. Unfortunately there is still a lot of functionalities missing on the app in comparison to the browser version, for example there is no toggle in the review to show best moves throughout the review. And the books hasn't been updated much. I'm playing pawnziani and London defence all the time lately and I get misses as soon as on the 3rd move even though everything looks exactly like on the videos from couches on yt.

  10. when I noticed the misses, I just accepted them as if they were always there, didn't even notice they were a new thing, that's how natural this update is

  11. these are good if you can afford to gold or diamond purchase 😅

  12. I've had this for months lol. Maybe it's because I have Beta enabled

  13. Make insights for all players, I don't wanna pay $100,000 for insights

  14. Just played my first game with it, love it already


  16. i dont see a point in addind the elo estimation system if as shown by the beta it clearly doesnt work well

  17. How did my opponent get a mistake for blundering mate in one?

  18. Damn school got roasted so hard in the first 20 seconds

  19. Finally! We've been waiting for a chess patch for AGES

  20. You need to make game review free not one time but always

  21. The report card also allows you to find cheaters more easily, so it makes it even better.

  22. Please up the amount of free game reviews to 3 or 5

  23. bro i´m not paying money to be able to analyze more than one game a day

  24. I think the eval bar should get an update as well. It should have some sort of gauge to convey the “blunder potential”. Say you are at M7, you’d think you are in a good position, but then you make a small inaccurate move and turns out now your opponent has M7 because you didn’t see your opponent had a pin or something. A “blunder potential” meter could make this easier to see and learn from (especially for newbie’s like me)

  25. i think ill buy the membership for that brilliant move u did with the new system

  26. Self analysis is a pretty good free option

  27. I was rated 950 against my 650 elo sister but I was actually 300 elo😂

  28. But we can do that once a day ,so it's not that useful for me😆

  29. Eventually Game Review will replace real human coaches, but it's still has a long way to go…

  30. We need the ability to premove more than one time
    Some time we lose on time because we cant premove well.

  31. Repent and forsake your sins Jesus is coming

  32. Well, according to my friend capturing his free queen is a blunder.

  33. this is all if you buy diamond where you have unlimited match reviews or do you have 1 daily on the free one as well

  34. the cost to see basic things such as accuracy, multiple per day, great and brilliant moves, and so much more is insane. this is why i HATE the system so far.

  35. How do I get the update, I play on apple ipad but I didn’t get it even though everyone has it

  36. Me when bluder a pawn in an exchane
    Stockfish : Blunder, KYS Never play again

    Me when blundering my queen
    Stockfish : ok good move maybe a bit of a blunder but good

  37. That just hurts man bcuz I am from Iran I can't buy this stuff is to expensive

  38. Ah, yes, extended theoretical moves library. This is why all of Vukovic's Gambit book moves have vanished!

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