Play Smarter Chess With Our NEW Game Review

Report Card–No not those kind, are coming to our new Game Review! We promise, unlike the ones you got in school these are actually helpful and will definitely improve your chess game.

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  1. I just don't understand how to find these game review or analysis features. I've just finished a game and click game-review button. I see that the game is saved. But the screen doesn't change and it looks nothing like what you are showing. All I see is the last state of the board. If I click analysis, it's the same thing. The game is saved and the screen doesn't change, all I see is the last state of the board. Both buttons do the same thing – save the game. I can see I made mistakes and blunders, but I can't view those mistakes and blunders and step through the game. And when I try to load a game from the library, the game is not there, the one I just saved several times clicking game-review and analysis buttons. When I click saved-analysis button, there is no saved analysis. UX Rating = 0

  2. All this is wrong. I gave someone a handicap. I started without a queen, 2 rooks, 1 bishop and 1 knight. I won easily and it said i played like a 550 and they played like a 500. Ive also won games and it said i played like a 900 and they played like a 1200. Also the best move i ever made was a blunder

  3. Please show arrows for the best 4 available moves during review. Lichess has this and it is really helpful.

  4. I love the new game review, it really helps out a lot.

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