Punish Early Queen Moves (Opening mistake!) // Chess Analysis

In chess, moving your queen out early is a very risky thing to do. And that is because the queen is exposed to the attacks of the other pieces. So that is why early Queen moves are an opening mistake in chess that happens often. That is how you lose tempos and your opponent might get an advantage because of your waste of time. So, Punish The Early Queen Moves! Ihope that you liked todays video called: Punish Early Queen Moves (Opening mistake!) // Chess Analysis. After analysis of this game, I hope you will keep your Queen safe in the Opening stage of chess 🙂

PS: No offense Scandinavian opening players… You are allowed to do it 😉

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  1. Thank you so much the perfect video for me

  2. What is the software you used chess? I have many doubts

  3. Still u loose ……i mean why

  4. What were you thinking? lol E3???? FYI it's illogical not unlogical :)))

  5. Thanks for the video, but I'm afraid you lost me at, "he wasted his time, had poor position, down 7 points of material" as soon as he checkmated you. I know blunders happen, but come on man, show a video with a happy ending where YOU were the one doing the punishing!

  6. Black's move h6 is to stop you from tying up his queen with protecting a pinned knight at best, or a back rank mate with poor play on his part in case your idea was queen to d8 after his move queen to e6, as he intended to use his queen in a mating net against you, which he ultimately did. Unfortunately for you, at your level of play, you were never "completely winning". You were up quite a bit, & with somewhat more careful play, you should have been able to convert to a win, but he was never truly out of the game, & you unfortunately underestimated his position. It shows an admirable level of class, & lack of ego to publicly analyze a game that you blundered away, & I very much salute you, sir! Thank you.

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