Relaxing Chess Analysis (Fabi classic game)

Tonight, we begin our previews series for the upcoming Candidates tournament, providing relaxing commentary for Fabi’s victory over Anish in 2012 in the Chameleon Slav. Fabiano turned a drawish position into a dominating win with a crazy tactic out of the blue. Hoping to see games like this from Fabiano in the upcoming Candidates tournament.

Chess for Sleep provides relaxing chess commentary in a soothing style, offering coverage of the latest tournaments as well as revisiting classic games. I am a Zen Buddhist and minister with a passion for helping others to find a sense of calm and well-being in their lives. I am also a lifelong chess enthusiast and educator. With this channel, I bring these two passions together, providing chess analysis and a comfortable atmosphere that allows you to keep up with the latest events in the chess world while unwinding at the end of the day.


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