Retrograde Analysis Chess Puzzles – Look Into the Past!

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  1. I am study composer and always I ´ve to think if the position is legal or not. Because if the position is not legal this can not be used as a study. This is the reason, why I solve many Retros in seconds… and without thinking.

  2. "Assume that kings can castle, unless you can prove otherwise."Black can't castle.Proof: White's rook on f3 is promoted which could only have happened involving the black king or rook moving.White's rook is promoted.Proof: White can castle so the rook on f3 can't come from a1 which would have involved the white king moving.White can castle.Proof: We assume kings can castle and haven't proven otherwise.Black can castle.Proof: White's rook on f3 comes from a1. The white king has moved for the rook to move from a1 to f3.White can't castle.So there never was a proof for white being able to castle and without this there never was a proof for black being unable to castle.So trying to castle as white and it working just tells you that this board state is in the game state of the first variant where white can castle and not in the game state of the second variant where white can't castle.

  3. You can find some original problems like this on my channel, love it (-;

  4. I don't think I've ever seen a game where the king still had castle rights at end game. Sort of…odd. Maybe I haven't seen enough games.

  5. It may not be helpful for my next match, but it definitely helps me to think outside of the box !

  6. why would you ever promote a pawn to anything other than a queen though?

  7. Interesting video for sure, though I honestly can't think of what the value of doing this type of analysis would be…

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